Lifestyle Changes For Leaner Healthier YOU - Try These Top 8 Lifestyle Changes

July 17, 2018

Lifestyle Changes For Leaner Healthier YOU - Try These Top 8 Lifestyle Changes

Making a lifestyle changes decisions may not be foolproof, but it could mean the difference between having a significant health issue and avoiding one.

It’s a recurring cycle – You have recently notice that your favorite jeans are a little snugger than they were last year. You get winded after a flight of stairs or maybe you are just feeling a renewed commitment to well-being after a holiday sugar bender. Then come the promises— 3 day detox cleanse, the treadmill every day for a month, no sugar or at least no carbs ever. But then real life sneaks up on you—and before you know it, you have abandoned the entire plan.

Turns out, there’s nothing wrong with your willpower. Instead, you might be biting off more than you can chew. The reason diets bomb so often is the all-or-nothing extremism people tend to apply to weight loss. Our culture gives people two options: Take big action or do nothing. The rare individual can make a dramatic lifestyle changes and stick to that very quickly. 

8 Small Lifestyle Changes For Leaner & Healthier You

Lifestyle changes


Research shows that the trick to stick to a nutrition and fitness plan—and seeing results—might be finding the one small change that works for you. The problem is we have no idea about nutritional values and hence, we are unable to plan our diet accordingly. This will reduce the food cravings and unhealthy binging.

1.Focus On You CAN… And Not Can’t

Start by telling yourself that you can have as many fruits and vegetables as you want.  Keep in mind that “it’s better to eat 800 calories of healthy food than 600 calories of junk food.

2.Talk To Yourself …Motivate Yourself

Ask, Does it taste good? How hungry am I? “We often eat whatever is in front of us. We can avoid a lot of unwanted calories by becoming aware of our tendencies and cutting back on some of the unnecessary eating. 

Have you ever eaten just because everyone else was?” Or because food was right there in front of you? Break this habit. You have only a limited number of calories to spend in a day, so save them for the yummiest ones.

3.Serve Less From The Start

People have a habit to serving full plate meals so that they don’t won’t be taking it for the second time or they try to eat all because the food may go wasted. Rather there’s a smart strategy to take care of that problem.

Leave about one-quarter of your normal serving off your plate for every food at every meal for two to three days. Then, as you’re eating, leave two tablespoons of every food. Thirty minutes after each meal, if you remember, check to see if you’re hungry. If you don’t remember to do this, you are probably not hungry.

Check again at the end of the day. Are you still physically hungry? Most of us will find that we are satisfied with smaller servings.

4.Sit Down And Enjoy Your Meals

We are living in a hectic world, and we do most of our work on the go including eating our meals.

You might think that you’re being a multitasking hero, eating breakfast in the car or grabbing a handful of pretzels on your way to a meeting. But even if the food is healthy, it could be sabotaging your diet. That’s because eating on the go is a form of “mindless eating” hence, it results in consuming more calories later in the day

5.Head For More Water

Obese participants instructed to drink two cups of water before meals for 12 weeks lost almost three more pounds. 

Water fills your stomach and seems to increase satiety, which appears to lead you to eat less at your main meals.

6.A Restful Night Sleep Is A Must

You’ve probably heard that there’s a serious connection between sleep and weight. Serious is right: Losing just 30 minutes of sleep on weeknights can lead to long-term weight gain in adults.

So if you can’t commit to getting the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep, aim to clock just a little extra each night.

7.Turn Your “Healthy Eating Goals” Into A Priority

Why do we often lose sight of our healthy eating goals? Probably because its easy to get wrapped up in the day-to-day and forget all about them. Encourage yourself to jot down a few of your goals and aspirations on a sticky note or find images to remember them.  You can place them in their offices, on your bedroom mirrors or on your laptops, refrigerator etc.

8.Start With Just 30 Minute Of Daily Exercise

You don’t have to hit the gym for an hour or more, or into Yoga classes, not only it will make you sore but it will lose your interest in getting into daily exercise. Even a 30 minute walk can do wonders, start with small, the basic ones.  Gradually increase your time if you feel so.

Just a little bit of movement each day using these lifestyle changes can make a dramatic difference.

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July 17, 2018

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