Aerobics Classes In Pune | Best Step Aerobics Classes Near Me In Pune

August 10, 2018

Aerobics Classes In Pune | Best Step Aerobics Classes Near Me In Pune

Looking for a high-energy way to get a low-impact workout? Search no further than aerobics classes in Pune.

Aerobics classes in Pune offers cardio, high paced as well as low-impact aerobics class in Pune offering variety under aerobics class.  Set to upbeat music, this class focuses on aerobic endurance, resistance training and increasing range of motion. The buoyancy of the water provides a virtually impact-free workout, significantly reducing stress on joints, while improving muscle tone.

What Is Aerobics Classes In Pune Good For?

Aerobics dance classes in Pune are led by a qualified instructor who takes you through a variety of structured movements that raise your heart rate and get blood and oxygen flowing more quickly. Aerobics includes a range of movements and exercises that work on all areas of your body, from gentle jogging on the spot to tummy crunches.

A regular aerobic workout will:

  • Strengthen your heart muscle and lungs by making them work harder; with regular exercise, you can lower your blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Stimulate the circulation of blood and lymph around your body, so help strengthen your immune system
    burn calories and reduce your body fat
  • Raise your serotonin levels, stimulate your brain to release endorphins and give you a natural “high”, easing any stress or anxiety
  • Increase your strength so you are less prone to injury
  • Improve the shape and tone of your body.

You Should Not Join Aerobics Dance Class If:

  • You have a history of heart or respiratory problems
  • Problems in your joints
  • You have recently had surgery, or are prone to or recovering from injury.

Consult your doctor if you have any other medical condition.


Can I Lose Weight Joining Aerobics Classes In Pune?

Absolutely 100% Yes!! Step Aerobic classes in Pune are designed keeping in mind the weight loss struggles and other such health problems. The aerobics fitness classes in Pune will assist in weight loss due to the amount of calories that are burned. You may potentially burn more calories through intense aerobic exercise than what you burn during anaerobic exercise. However, anaerobic exercise will also help in weight loss.

Gradually increase the duration and intensity of your aerobic workouts for even greater weight loss.

Aerobic exercise helps one to lose weight by increasing overall caloric burn constantly, 24/7, because it helps increase one’s metabolism. One of the best ways to enhance the caloric burn through aerobic exercise is to incorporate interval training. This is where you will train at a certain heart rate zone for let’s say two minutes then increase to a higher heart rate zone for one minute then keep repeating.

Best Aerobics Classes In Pune Offering Different Forms Of Aerobics 

It’s obvious that when you are looking for dance aerobics classes near me in Pune, you have a mindset of typical studio, playing music and dancing with the instructor. Well, it used to be that kind of scene earlier but, now the way fitness world is changing everything include dance fitness has changed.

Now you will find a lot of dance aerobics styles offered by best aerobics classes in Pune. Furthermore, they offer 1 trial class to let you understand and make decision whether dance aerobics is suitable or not.

Step Aerobics Dance Classes In Pune

Step aerobics offers a more intense workout. It provides extra boost by incorporating the action of stepping on to the platform to intensify the workout. It is a form of low impact and does not stress the joints as much as running and jogging. The action of stepping does not shock the joints.

During the Step Aerobic dance exercise, you position a footstep in the frontage, which you step one foot up, down and up on the other leg, replicating the course of action for quite a few minutes. The process is intended to tone the lower body.

High-impact Aerobics Dance Class

This very energetic form of exercise features movements that lift you off the ground: jumping, hopping and jogging. It is very vigorous. It’s probably a class to graduate to rather than start with as you need to be quite fit. It can also be demanding on your joints; not a good option if yours aren’t strong.

Dance Aerobics

A mixed-impact aerobics class with a dance slant — from jazzercise to aeropop — is a great way to have fun and shape up at the same time. The movements and exercises depend on the kind of dance that inspired the class — maybe more ballet, belly dancing or bhangra.

The class will involve a similar ratio of warm up, high-intensity and cool-down exercises as other classes.

Aqua Aerobics Classes In Pune

Aqua aerobics also called water aerobics and aquafit is a form of exercise which provides cardiovascular conditioning, increasing your pulse and your breathing rate. The term “aerobic” actually means “with oxygen”.

This means that your breathing controls the amount of oxygen that reaches your muscles to help them move and burn stored fuel.

Aqua aerobics dance is similar to a normal aerobics class, but since it’s done in the water, it places less strain on your joints.

Best Aerobics Classes In Pune

1.Dance To Fitness Studio – Hadapsar Pune

Dance To Fitness (DtF) was started by fitness consultant and trainer Sonia Bakshi, in 2002 in Ashiana Arcade, Indirapuram Ghaziabad, Sonia is a qualified Chartered Financial Analyst, and a certified Reebok trainer.

The aerobics class at DTF is an amalgamation of weight loss dance techniques. It is 5 days a week for 30 minutes at each session. An hour’s workout of aerobics, depending on the intensity can burn between 550 and 800 calories.

Aerobics exercise burn the most amounts of calories and strengthens the heart and lungs by increasing their ability to utilize oxygen more efficiently. It also reduces body fat; builds muscle mass, and increases energy and endurance promoting a sense of well-being leading to reduced anxiety, improved mood and less stress.

All the instructors are well qualified and specialize in training fitness enthusiasts in aerobics, pilates and weight training. They also provide diet counselling for maximum weight and inch loss.

For more details on Dance To Fitness Studio click here

2.Solaris Fitness Club – Pimple Saudagar

Solaris aerobics classes are designed by their own certified aerobics choreographers. The dance steps are simple set to hip-hop, pop, latin and even a little bollywood. A high-energy, epic good time that will leave you with sweat and a smile. No experience is required, just a desire to move and have fun.

Mr. Prashant Sarsar is a certified Zumba fitness trainer, Reebok circuit training and World Reebok training. Furthermore, he has won couple of district level aerobics championship.

It is one of the best aerobics classes in Pune to attend – an ever-changing blend of strength-training and stretching that will keep your body guessing and your muscles popping. The hour will fly by, but the results will stay.

For more details on Solaris Fitness Club Pimple Saudagar click here

3.Empower Fitness Club – Wanowrie, Kondhwa

Empower Gym & Fitness club offers approx. 130 group classes per month, specially designed for a range of programs like weight loss, fat burn,  body shaping & toning,  ABS and lower body toning, and overall fitness and fun through various dance fitness classes.

There is a range of exciting fun filled aerobics dance classes with huge calorie burn per session, & amazingly high results. All the classes work in synergy to give you balanced and comprehensive results, plus exciting workouts for your whole body and mind.

For more details on Empower Fitness Club click here

4.Transform Fitness – Dhankawadi

Tranceform Fitness offer a variety of packages which help you achieve your fitness objectives and also add spice to your workouts by combining fitness with fun. The primary aim is to maintain a ratio of one trainer to five members so that everyone gets proper attention.

This helps in getting motivated, maintaining and correcting posture, and pushing your body to its limits along with the right breathing patterns.

To add some extra fun to your cardio workout, they have introduced a wide range of group dance activities which includes Yoga, Power Yoga, Aerobics, Fusion, Bollywood dance, Zumba, Cardio Kickboxing etc. For each of these batches, there is a dedicated expert in that particular field to conduct the batches.

For more details on Transform Fitness click here

5. Funrobics – Pimple Saudagar

Move, Groove and then Move Some more. High Energy dance choreography and music that lights you up with teachers who know how to set the mood and break it down.  Funrobics, an endeavor to introduce fitness into our daily routines, through fun workouts of aerobics, pilates and yoga.

Know for best aerobics classes in Pimple Saudagar, it is led by an expert Dr. Anuradha Upadhyaye who is BHMS by qualification and also a certified Reebok Certified fitness trainer.

Apart from aerobics, she teaches Pilates, Power Yoga and Yoga to the participants of all age groups.

For more details on Funrobics click here

6.MultiFit – Aundh, Pune

The Premium Functional Fitness Studio aims at changing the definition of fitness from ‘Body Building’ to ‘Strength Building’. Keeping to this belief they offer a wide variety workouts where patrons can try their hand at dance fitness workouts like aerobics.

MultiFit Aundh offer a wide range of workouts that focus on breaking the monotony of conventional exercising. Apart from dance fitness aerobics, there are other workout options such as Boxing, Zumba, Yoga, Multi-Spin, Calisthenics, Weight Training, Circuit Training, MMA, Personal Training etc.

The fitness class ensures that you find the most exciting exercising routines for yourself and gain optimum health benefits.

Are you looking to change your lifestyle habits? Wish to gain knowledge on health and wellness? Learn health and wellness tips, guidelines and suggestions to make a lifestyle change. 

Visit FitaCon  – Pune’s largest fitness conference having a biggest meet of health, fitness, wellness and nutritionist certified experts offering amazing helpful tips and suggestion. To hear them click here.

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August 10, 2018

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