Anand Patil - Learn How To Embrace A Healthy Lifestyle - FitaCon

July 20, 2018

Anand Patil -  Learn How To Embrace A Healthy Lifestyle - FitaCon

Dr Anand Patil, trauma surgeon – A busy medical practitioner who frequently travels to other cities for work. Dr. Patil just about manages to stay true to his schedule of running in the city thrice a week.


“I have been running the Comrades marathon (one of the oldest marathons in South Africa, 89 km) and Ironman events (a triathlon which includes a 3.86 km swim, a 180.25 km cycle ride and a 42.2 km marathon run), but the Mumbai Ultra Run is different,” says Dr Patil.


He began year 2015 running the marathon at the SCMM, then went off to the Goa triathlon, did the arduous Hyderabad 3/4 Ironman (135 km cycling and 31 km running), flew out of the country to complete the Port Elizabeth and Zurich Ironman, New York City marathon and finished the year with Busselton Western Australia Ironman.

For a man who has made running his goal, Patil is not quite fit. He was still overweight by 8 kgs. Running, he says, is about meeting a self-set goal. However, his target is not to win a marathon, but to complete the 42.2 km run at a personal best timing every time he enters a race.

Running a marathon has taught Dr. Anand Patil life lessons and shares his insights

  • You Need To Set A Target

Dr. Anand Patil began running to lose weight which he happen to brought down to 85 kgs from 110 kgs. By end of 2016, he achieved the target of 80 kgs.

He admits that because of his busy medical practice, he is unable to be consistent however; he achieved his best timing of 3:58 at the Berlin Marathon.

  • You Need To Be Disciplined

You can’t prepare for a marathon a few weeks before the event. First-time runners practice four months before the event. I can get my body in best form with a preparation of a month and a half.

He has been practicing for years hence, he can get through in short duration. Furthermore, he recollects that he used to wake up by 5 am and hit the Shivaji Park ground by 5.30 am, running for 2 hours or 10 kms.

In a week he used to run 50-60 kms. Furthermore, with this kind of consistent practice, you can confidently take part in a Marathon. 

  • Taking Care Of Your Body

Running regularly keeps muscles in action and the body in good condition. Hence, a fit body is agile.

  • Understand Your Limitations

When you run a race for the sheer joy of participating or for completing a personal milestone, hence, it does not matter whether you have won the race or not.

It is good to learn this early else unbridled passion can damage your body. 

  • It Releases Feel- Good Hormones

When you run with someone, your body chemistry improves and endorphins, dopamine and serotonin are released. These are feel good hormones which are not released when you are working out alone. 

Life is about getting along with others, feel good factor and most importantly it gives you the sense of self-satisfaction of achieving something good. 

Brief Summary Of Achievements – Dr. Anand Patil

He has an impressive list of achievements that he calls his `could do’ list. Patil is the only Indian to have completed the Ironman Triathlon and Comrade Marathon in a calendar year in 2015. The Ironman Triathlon is a non-stop stream of physical movement – 3.86 km swim, 180.25 km cycle ride and a 42.2 km marathon run. If you thought that was painful, here’s what the Comrade Marathon, held annually in South Africa entails — an 89 km ultra marathon. For the ultra marathon, he suggests as an athlete he/she has to run and walk more than double the marathon length of 42.195 kms!

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Anand Patil


July 20, 2018

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