Avanti Deshpande - Join FitaCon For Her Session On Nutritionist, Health & Wellness

July 13, 2018

Avanti Deshpande - Join FitaCon For Her Session On Nutritionist, Health & Wellness

These days, if you want to make a change in any area of your life, there’s a coach for that. Avanti Deshpande – A nutritionist, health & wellness coach have helped hundreds of her clients reach their fitness goals.

Avanti Deshpande


Why Visit FitaCon To Hear Avanti Deshpande?

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” -Ben Franklin…Very well said, there are plenty of reasons why you should participate in FitaCon to hear Avanti Deshpande.

Avanti Deshpade Will Cover The Neglected Health Areas

Your doctors barely have enough time in an 8-minute office visit to manage existing medical conditions. They certainly don’t have the time to adequately discuss how to improve your lifestyle and prevent new disease.

A wellness and nutritionist coach like Avanti Deshpande can cover important aspects of health care that the medical system neglects.

Helps You Take Holistic Approach For Your Health

Reaching peak well-being is not just about improving physical activity, sleep, and nutrition. Furthermore, it is also about improving mood, stress management, social connection and engagement.

Avanti Deshpande will provide you with the nutritional and fitness strategies to improve every aspect of wellness including mental, emotional, and physical health.

Helps You Set Achievable Goals, Milestones & Expectations 

When you are ready to start creating your healthiest life, a coach can walk you through the planning and goal setting stage. Hence, this will help you set clear, achievable milestones that get you to your wellness goal.

She will help steer you clear of the get-fit-quick fads. Furthermore,  helping you create sustainable lifelong habits that will dramatically improve your energy and overall well-being.

Helps To Remain Motivated & Keep Going

Avanti Deshpande as your wellness coach will hold you accountable to the goals you set for yourself. Therefore, checking in with a coach weekly or monthly will keep you on track and optimize your mind-set.

When your motivation wanes as it inevitably will, a coach will motivate you to stick with your plan hence, you can successfully reach your wellness goals.

FitaCon Event – Pune 1sT September

Avanti Deshpande will be speaking at “FitaCon” presented by SME Networks. She is a certified health and wellness coaches which will share insights and her guidance, applying her core competencies of nutritional, health & wellness coaching.

Her coaching is drawn from evidence-based behavioral psychology, as well as counseling, motivational interviewing, positive psychology, and offering solution-oriented therapy.

She has helped her clients to identify the areas in their lives that they want to change or improve therefore, helping them create a plan to get there. Furthermore, offering structure, accountability, expertise and inspiration to enable clients to grow. Hence, help them to increase self-awareness, commitment and confidence beyond what they can achieve on their own.

Your success begins with making an investment in your own health and well-being.

Hurry Up!! Limited Seats Left!! 

It’ Time To Get Fit


July 13, 2018

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