Best Aerobics Classes Near Me In Mumbai | Aerobics Class For Ladies

August 16, 2018

Best Aerobics Classes Near Me In Mumbai | Aerobics Class For Ladies

Why choose enrolling in the best aerobics classes near me in Mumbai? Primary reasons – Great dance fitness studio, amazing ambience, certified fitness trainers and most importantly result-oriented.

When it comes to health, we do not want to compromise hence; enrolling in one of the best aerobics classes in Mumbai for your fitness regime can be the right thing you’d be doing.

If you are living in Mumbai, you are lucky for one reasons – best of dance fitness clubs offering various dance fitness classes to all age groups. However; the demand for aerobics dance classes in Pune tops the list. With the hectic life, busy schedules we hardly get time for any fitness regime. Hence; with the growing awareness to maintain a fit and healthy body, Mumbaikars are now taking keen interest in enrolling themselves in various fitness classes which includes

  • Kickboxing
  • Zumba dance fitness
  • Hip Hop dance 
  • Aerobics dance classes
  • Core cardio & strength training
  • Hot Yoga/ Iyengar Yoga
  • Pilates 

If gym workouts do not motivate you, the above mentioned are the list of fitness forms which you can give a try. However, if you are dance fanatic person and loves to groove to hot number songs, aerobics dance fitness classes is what you should be looking for.

Wondering which are the top aerobics classes near me in Mumbai are? We have made the list of best aerobics classes which you can give a try.

Best Aerobics Classes Near Me In Mumbai

Aerobics classes near me in Mumbai


1. Zen Fitness Studio – Chembur – Mumbai

Zen Fitness Studio is located in an upscale area of Mumbai – Chembur. The gym studio is known for offering various fitness programs such as aerobics, Zumba, and Kickboxing. 

The fitness studio is run by Mayur, – trained Shodan black belt professional. He took is training at various international locations and have won gold medal in International kickboxing championship. Having 17 gold medals in in his kitty, Mayur decided to impart his learnings by opening Zen Fitness Studio. Apart from kickboxing, his studio has earned famed for teaching great dance moves through aerobics classes. 

For more details about Zen Fitness Studio click here

2. Spring Board Fitness- Aqua Aerobics – South Mumbai

Deepali Jain is a certified Reebok trainer and have been fitness trainer for past 10 years. 

She is known for offering one of the best aqua aerobics classes in South Mumbai at Body Rhythm as well as Breach Candy Club.

Spring Board Fitness was launched 4 years ago. The motto of this concern is COMMITTED TO FITNESS. Its endeavor is to provide quality fitness training to people who need it and appreciate good quality when it is offered to them. Spring board promotes a holistic view of health and well being. This holistic belief sets spring board fitness apart from its competitors and is one of the main reasons of their success.

Deepali Jain gives PERSONAL TRAINING to Corporate Heads of Prominent Corporates of India.

To enroll in aqua aerobics classes in Mumbai click here

3. Yasmeen’s Yoga & Aerobic Fitness Center – Borivali – Mumbai

Experience the joy of moving to music while improving your fitness and burning 300 – 500 calories. 

Enjoy the cardiovascular and body-shaping benefits of a dynamic aerobic dance workout that tones muscles, develops core strength and increases balance. Therefore; a full dance fitness workout offers to drop the pounds and get rapid results while you dance, dance, dance.

To join Yasmeen’s aerobics dance class click here

4. Arpita Step Up Dance Academy – Ville Parle East /  Juhu – Mumbai

It is one of the most versatile dance academies in Mumbai established in the year 2000.

Arpita Ranadive Sathaye is a certified and trained from Imperial Society of Teacher’s Dancing (ISTD) London. Furthermore; she is highly commended for various dance forms like Latin American, Modern Ballroom Dances along with Contemporary and Ballet Dancing.

The dance academy provides aerobic dance classes for every age groups. Above all; their instructors are certified and experienced in teaching you various dance forms like Zumba, Salsa, Freestyle, Bollywood, Latin, Freestyle, Bharatnatyam, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Folk and many others.

To connect for your aerobics dance session at Arpita Step Up click here

5. Fitness Mania Aerobics Studio – Mulund West – Mumbai

Fitness Mania Aerobics Studio presents a unique fitness studio for all your health and fitness needs. Seems like they are offering a wide variety of workouts which include Cardio Workouts, Dance Workouts, Strength & Conditioning.

Payal Khanchandani welcomes you to her aerobics dance classes and explore their innovative workout studio. Discover unique and progressive training formats by joining aerobics classes near me in Mumbai.

Their variety of dance fitness classes will keep you motivated and our unique styles will do wonders on your health, body and mind.

Connect for your aerobics session with Fitness Mania Aerobics studio here

Wrapping Up On Best Aerobics Classes In Mumbai

You can shed away that unwanted weight by dancing to the tunes on your favorite songs in your aerobic class.

Furthermore; the best part about this aerobic classes in Mumbai is when you dance in group, you tend to enjoy more, you are participating in a fitness regime like everyone without any awkwardness of how you are looking or whether your dance moves are perfect or not. Hence; aerobics classes near me in Mumbai not only helps to lose weight but, it will rejuvenate you every day.

The best part about joining aerobics classes in Mumbai is that you will feel de-stressed; something that is a requirement in today’s age.

Furthermore; if you wish to improve your health, want to get leaner, fitter and stronger – participate in FitaCon. 

FitaCon – Pune’s largest fitness conference includes prominent names like Dr. Rajashree Tupe, Mahendra Gokhale,  Anagha Pathak, Vikas Kumar, Dr. Sujata Shetty, Dr. Avanti Deshpande, Dr. Sanjeevkumar Patil, Dr. Anand Gangawal, Dr. Neelam Vaid, Taru Mateti, Prasad Patil,  Aparna Prabhudesai, Dr. Manisha Doiphode, Kishore Dhankude…to know more about FITACON Speakers click here.

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August 16, 2018

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