Best Gyms In Mumbai To Take Your Fitness To The Next Level

August 24, 2018

Best Gyms In Mumbai To Take Your Fitness To The Next Level

Gymming can be a bore if it doesn’t have the right environment, encouraging fitness trainers and state-of-the-art fitness equipment. When looking for Gyms is Mumbai, target to search for  “Best  Gyms In Mumbai” which promises you to take your fitness to the next level.

You may already love working out, or are looking for reasons to love it. Working out does so much more for you than you know. It’s not just a way to burn a few extra calories so you can maintain a healthy weight. It’s one of the best activities to improve yourself inside and out, beyond the walls of your gym. Take your fitness to the next level by enrolling in at the best fitness centers in Mumbai. 

Why You Should Choose Going To The Best Gyms In Mumbai?

A well equipped gym with trainers is ready to give you their undivided attention and ultra-personalized workout plans. But, there is more to this. The reasons why you should join one of the top gyms in Mumbai are: 

It Helps To Boost Your Confidence

Exercise is incredibly powerful for building self-confidence. Week after week in the gym, you’re doing things you couldn’t do before, and often things you never thought you could do.  Many people gain confidence in themselves through exercise then translate it into their personal and work lives. Working out in one of the best gyms in Mumbai is the one place where if you put in effort and do it consistently, you’ll see positive changes.

Reduces Your Stress Levels

Exercising at the gym can help you to deal with the stress. Gym workouts are proven stress reliever. There’s a reason even the busiest people on the planet make time to exercise. No matter what’s on your mind, a quick sweat will be sure to help you reset.

Decreases The Chances Of Lifestyle Diseases

Live long and prosper. This is what we all seek to do. If living a long, healthy, and fulfilling life is something that interests you, then exercise should be a priority. exercise is proven to decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and colon cancer, among other things. Thirty minutes a few times a week is enough to reap the benefits of your own preventative health care.

Increases Your Energy Levels

It might seem strange to think that using your energy to work out actually gives you more energy, but that’s just what recent research has shown. While you might feel a bit tired right after your workouts, the rest of your life will feel that much easier.

Makes You Happy

Want a mood booster? Get moving!exercise increases endorphins, otherwise known as your happiness hormones. Endorphins makes us feel good, and exercise can stimulate the additional release of other feel-good hormones, such as dopamine and serotonin.

 Now that you are convinced to join to one of the best gyms in Mumbai, we have listed some of the most luxurious gyms that are not only best helping you to achieve your fitness goals.

Best Gyms In Mumbai To Join

Best gyms in mumbai


1. BodySculptor – Juhu, Khar, Mumbai

BodySculptor is established by Prashant Sawant with the mission of providing one-to- one personalized fitness solutions to all fitness-savvy people. Since; its inception in 2003, Body Sculptor has been sculpting not just figures but futures of thousands of Indians including those from the film fraternity.

Body Sculptor & mentor Prashant Sawant believes in the credo “SCULPT YOUR DESIRE” for a healthy lifestyle for its the desire for perfection that drives one towards achieving a blissful physical, emotional and spiritual state of well-being.

BodySculptor being one of the most luxurious gyms in Mumbai offers Fat loss, 8 Week Transformation, Muscle Building, Lean Kitchen and Online Personal Training.

To connect with Bodysculptor fitness gym in Mmbai click here

2. 48 Fitness – Andheri, Mumbai

48 Fitness is not just a gymnasium; it’s a Fitness Club that believes in holistic fitness. It takes a 360 degree approach incorporating various training modalities such as functional training, weight training, and cardiovascular.

As a result of this approach, 48 Fitness has ultra-modern, cutting edge equipment that has never been seen in India before.
In addition to a complete workout solution, our custom DMX controlled lights dynamically change with the music to create a visually captivating experience.

Their key Personal-Trainers, Fitness Consultants and the Front-office team are the best in the business, and each one has been groomed to ensure you get the best health club experience in India.

To connect with 48 Fitness Gym In Mumbai click here

3. Nitro Bespoke Fitness – Thane, Mumbai

Mr. Prabodhan Davkhare opened Nitro in 2012 with the sole intention of holistic training.

Nitro is a Fitness and Wellness hub as the name suggests targets every aspect of training that there is. It targets fitness to suit your interests and needs not just basic gym but the entire wellness of an individual as well. So if a person does not like doing just gym there is an option of swimming, badminton, skating, mixed martial arts to name a few.

Celebrities have been frequenting this gym in Thane just to see how well it has been made, whether it’s the Internationally branded equipment specially imported from the US or the certified and trained fitness professionals guiding you every step of the way.

Inaugurated by Mr. Salman Khan the heartthrob of Bollywood and visited by the likes of Sohail Khan, Mr. Himanshu Roy, Mr. Suniel Shetty, who has also given his inputs into the making along with many other celebrities.

Nitro Thane has had the coveted Mr. Olympia (8 times) Mr. Ronnie Coleman visit it as well as give fitness tips to NITRO gym members. 

To connect with Nitro Bespoke Fitness click here

4. AnyTime Fitness – Andheri, Mumbai

Whether you’re new to working out or a fitness pro, we are here to provide a variety of training options, guidance, and support to help you stay on track and reach your goals. 

Here the fitness trainers are certified and very helping in terms of guiding you throughout your fitness journey, no matter how much support you need.

However; the membership includes a free, no-pressure fitness consultation, global access to more than 4,000 gyms, and always-open convenience. All offered in a welcoming club and supportive member community.

To connect with AnyTime Fitness Center in Mumbai click here

5. Qi Gym – Churchgate, Mumbai

It is one of the first fitness company to bring you high-altitude training, vibration training, strive smart strength training, superior running technology used by NASA, and many more such leading service innovations.

It doesn’t go with one size does NOT fit all. Exercise is a science and every individual is unique. Their personalised exercise & nutrition programming enable exceptional results whatever the goals. Furthermore; their award-winning fitness offering is fuelled by a committed team of experts, specialists and sports medicine doctors that guide you and monitor your progress without you having to pay extra for their services.

To connect with Qi Gym in Mumbai click here

5. Total Combat Fitness – Andheri East, Mumbai

Total Combat Fitness was established in 2007 by Founder and Head Coach Bala Shetty, in order to build, train and promote formidable team of fighters and also help and train individuals from all walks of life to stay fit and healthy.

The reason why TCF shortlists when it comes to one of the best gyms in Mumbai is because Bala Shetty is trained in different forms of martial arts where his journey started right from Karate and then moved to boxing that eventually led to kickboxing, Judo, Muay Thai and finally MMA. At TCF, they have programs designed to meet all your fitness goals.

Whether,  it is to learn the art of self-defense, to lose 10 kilos, or to get into the best shape of your life, your goals are more than achievable through the programs at Total Combat Fitness – one of the best gyms in Mumbai.

To connect with Total Combat Fitness click here

6. I Think Fitness – Bandra, West Mumbai

This is one of the Bollywood favorite lets you workout to a view of Bandra’s leafiest by-lanes, basked in natural light, owing to its 30-feet high ceiling floor, and its floor-to-ceiling glass windows.

If I Think Fitness’ state-of-the art equipment accompanied by android tablets and in-house WiFi don’t impress you then the electronic sounds thumped out by the resident DJ surely will.

The gym, owned by the founders of the popular Pali village Cafe, also has an attached members-only café which can be your go-to spot to pick up an organic, gluten-free, healthy treat. There is also an outdoor court should you like to challenge other members to a game of basketball.

To connect with I Think Fitness click here

7. 303 CrossFit Drive

CrossFit is one of the best gyms in Mumbai offers a lifestyle fitness programme, usually conducted in Group classes, designed to benefit everybody, from individuals just starting their fitness journey to those who train regularly.

With stretching/yoga, Olympic weightlifting, plyometrics, calisthenics, road-running, gymnastics and more; 303 Crossfit Drive is where you will finally achieve your fitness goals. And have fun at the same time.

To connect with 303 Crossfit Drive click here 


Are you looking to change your lifestyle habits? Wish to gain knowledge on health and wellness? Learn health and wellness tips, guidelines and suggestions to make a lifestyle change. 

Visit FitaCon  – Pune’s largest fitness conference having a biggest meet of health, fitness, wellness and nutritionist certified experts offering amazing helpful tips and suggestion. To hear them click here.

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August 24, 2018

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