Top 5 Fitness Classes For Kids | Best Kids Exercise Fitness Activities Classes Pune

September 11, 2018

Top 5 Fitness Classes For Kids | Best Kids Exercise Fitness Activities Classes Pune

Looking for the best kids exercise fitness activities activities classes Pune? You have come to the right place.

Teach your kids the value of exercise and a healthy lifestyle at an early age. FitaCon’s upcoming event on “Health, Fitness and Nutrition on Kids” is one-of-a-kind which help your kid in keeping active, healthy and feeling great.

Sitting at home with the gadgets is what majority of the kids are doing. Child obesity is a rising issue and today, many of the parents are concern over their kids not participating in any physical fitness activities.

FitaCon has listed best kids exercise fitness activities classes Pune. This will help you enroll your kids offering wide range of fitness activities covering all age groups.

Best Kids Exercise Fitness Activities Classes Pune 

Best Kids Exercise Fitness Activities Classes Pune 


1. SportyBeans  – Hadapsar, Pune

It is India’s most reputable multi-sport program for children (aged 1.5 – 8 years).

SportyBeans seeks to promote a healthy lifestyle, develop a lifelong passion for physical activity and sport. Their aim is not only to teach the sport but to make the child’s first introduction to sport exciting and memorable. The kids center is passionate about giving children, a solid foundation from which to develop many aspects of their lives.

It has carefully develop life skills, such as confidence, concentration, social interaction, sportsmanship values and many more, in a caring and fun environment.

SportyBeans flagship programs which are running over the entire year, with two classes per week covers 9 ball sports viz Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball, Golf, Tennis, Cricket, Rugby and Hockey.

For more details about SportyBeans click here

2. The Life Sports – Someshwarwadi, Pune

The Life Sports is one of the leading Sports Academies in Pune, Maharashtra for over a decade. The sports academy has pledged to build India as a Sporting Nation. Hence; with this as their vision; they are fully equipped in providing with all the essential tools for Sportsmanship.

Each parent today expects their child to lead a life which gives happiness, contentment, balance and an increased sense of achievement and purpose.

Parents want to see their children as highly focused. Furthermore; they wish their kids to be goal-oriented, showing great leadership qualities and keeping their calm in pressure situations.

Indulging your kids into various sports activities can support and benefit children. 

To know more about LifeSports click here

3. Funday – Baner Pashan Link Road, Pune

Funday is changing the way sports is carried out for very young kids in India. 

It conducts multi-sport programmes where kids are exposed to fundamentals of 6 different sports which include: Gymnastics, Athletics, Basketball, Cricket, Football & Tennis.

Their progressive curriculum has been developed specially for kids from 2 to 8 years with consultation from experts in sports science and sports management.

Funday seeks to balance bodies & brains by encouraging kids to participate in range of sports activity. Playing multi-sports at young age will help develop a lifelong passion for physical activity and sports. Hence; it increase, confidence, concentration, coordination, postural strength. Furthermore preparing children for participation in school and the broader community.

To know more about Funday click here

4. The Little Gym – NIBM, Kondhwa Pune

The Little Gym believes that the kids should be able to act like kids. 

It also believes in providing fun environments which are especially conducive to the kind of learning that prepares them for life’s adventures. Through unique programs that revolve around active play, they complement and enhance the traditional school experience – even before kids are school age.

The Little Gym provides your children with a safe and inspiring space to direct their energy, build confidence, and develop key skills. Explore their classes to find the one that’s just right for your child. 

It has various classes conducted on different schedules and days for pre-k gymnastics, school gymnastics, dance, karate, and so on.

To find more about The Little Gym click here

5. Artsphere – Kalyani Nagar, Pune

Artsphere is an exciting multi utility arts venue that fosters participation, engagement with performing arts and offers therapeutic and spiritual initiation through artistic activities. It offers a wide range of creative and curative activities for kids of all ages.

It offers physical activities programs for kids which include karate, dance, yoga for kids, lego bricks on brick and Capoeira for kids.

The venue has state of the art facilities, an international sprung dance floor, professional sound and light system and projector therefore it makes it easy to facilitate any activity or performance.

For more details about Artsphere click here

Register With Our Upcoming  ” Health, Nutrition And Fitness For Kids” Event 

When working with kids, it’s important to engage them with fun and challenging fitness activities. Using these fitness games for kids, learn how to improve their functional movement patterns, cardiovascular efficiency and balance all while having a good time.

Games are a fun way to help kids participate in physical training hence; it helps boost their heart rates and get them laughing.For more exercise game ideas, you can reach the above mentioned best kids exercise fitness activities classes Pune. 

September 11, 2018

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