Brain Games For Kids | Top 6 Kids Brain Development Games

October 31, 2018

Brain Games For Kids | Top 6 Kids Brain Development Games

It’s 6 o’clock in the evening, your little one wants to watch that cartoon that they just love but you dread. You just want them to do something a little more productive. What is Doraemon is going to teach them in the grand scheme of things?  Well, what if there is a way to fix this problem? What is the solution to make learning and brain development fun? We have the answers to help you – FitaCon has compiled the list of top brain games for kids.


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Stimulate your kid’s brain with these amazing brain development games. There are a variety of games and activities that will keep them away from screens, help develop their thinking, all while keeping them entertained and their minds stimulated brain games.


What Your Kids Will Learn Playing Brain Games?

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Playing brain training exercise games, your kids will learn skills like:

  • Analytical Thinking
  • Comprehension
  • Spatial Awareness
  • Conceptual Learning
  • Lateral and Critical Thinking
  • Creativity
  • Problem-Solving
  • Linguistic enhancement and so much more

Top 6 Child Brain Development Games – Memory Improvement


brain development games for children


1.Puzzle Games

This age old brain games are still considered the best brain development games for kids of every age from 3 – 15 years.

this is one game you need to start ASAP because an older child may ignore it for more exuberant ones.

This is one game though, you can’t risk missing. Right from hand-eye coordination to logical reasoning, it ticks all the right boxes. The biggest benefit is the confidence boost that comes from completing the puzzle which results in better self-esteem.

2.Word Hunt Brain Development Games

Using alphabet – cards, blocks or magnets, form different words. Then using flashcards, have your child match the flashcard to the words formed. The game is available for all age groups.  From 3 letter words to longer ones; you can choose accordingly for your kids suiting their age.

For example, the word cat is formed. You can show your child an image of the flashcard and have them place the card near the right word. This game can boost alphabet recognition, memory as well as word formation.

3. Role Play – Brain Games For Kids

Teacher-teacher, doctor-nurse or good witch-bad witch, the options are endless. Role playing is a great way to boost creativity and imagination.

This game can also help set the right moral tone for your kids that will benefit them while dealing with society and adjust to the environment better. That exercises their working memory. They have to stay in character, which helps with their inhibitory control. And they have to adjust to the twists and turns in the evolving plot, which requires them to think flexibly

4. Mazes – Keep Your Child’s Brain Sharp

Go left? Or Go Right? Turn back? Or Go Ahead? Mazes are a big hit with kids

They address a variety of skills and are perfect brain boosting activities. There are Maze activity books or toys, either one is great. Count improved motor skills, imagination and problem solving germ as one of the side effects of this activity.

Benefits of playing Maze game: 

a) Visual Motor Skill Development
A maze requires that your child first scans his eyes throughout the page to try and figure out a solution.
Scanning is a very important skill for reading and writing.

b) Fine Motor Skill Development
A maze also requires that your child draws a line in between the maze (without touching the outer lines).
That his, he needs to be able to control his pencil with his fingers.

c) Problem Solving Ability
The kid needs to figure out a solution – Get into the maze and get out of it or reach the centre.
How? – Find different path. Problem Solving Abilities are one of the most crucial skills required in everyday life.

5. Board Games – Best Brain Boosting Activity For Children

Snakes and Ladder, Ludo, Candy Land and Chess – these are some of the best board games ever.

Board games teach PATIENCE – You child HAS to wait his turn. This is a virtue that comes in handy when you take your toddler to a restaurant and the fries ordered are taking time.

6. StoryTelling – Best Brain Games Activity

Storytelling. It requires the listening kids to pay attention for long periods. As Diamond explains, listening to a story promotes a different area of brain development than what kids get from reading a picture book.


Wrapping Up

Kids uses their working memory to keep track of the characters and what has happened so far, and relate that to new information as the story progresses. Dramatic play is a key activity in Tools of the Mind, a preschool program specifically designed to improve executive function through play-based activities.

In early childhood, especially in infancy, you are a mirror for your child’s emotions. Your kid begins to learn about pleasure by seeing your delighted smile in response to her beatific, full-body baby smile. A toddler learns about interest and curiosity when he points to a flower and you share his interest by raising your eyebrows and going over for a closer look. This help build children’s capacity for curiosity, enjoyment, and other positive emotions that are powerful drivers of learning.

You also help your child learn to manage negative emotions. When your baby cries you offer comfort. When your toddler is afraid, you give hugs and reassurance. Essentially, you’re managing their feelings for them.

When kids are a little older, you help them move on from bad feelings by distracting them. You help them express emotions and put them into perspective. You teach and model coping strategies, gradually handing over to them the job of managing their own feelings.

Most parents already know these kinds of interactions are important for mental health. But they also boost brain power. Kids can’t learn well if strong negative emotions and stress often cloud their ability to think and process information.


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October 31, 2018

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