Largest Fitness Conference in Pune - FitaCon Event - 1st Sept

July 13, 2018

Largest Fitness Conference in Pune - FitaCon Event - 1st Sept

Gyms get busier. Diet programs begin selling like hotcakes – Participate in Fitacon Largest Fitness Conference of Pune.

It’s no secret that many people want to revamp their diet. Even more, the workout and exercise routines are changing every time as the new year comes around.

Within a month, the crowded gym is back to normal, seems like the conversation in the weight loss group you joined is no more encouraging. 

Change is not easy with people.

Many people don’t have plans for getting back on the wagon if they fall off. Even more, we’re a judgmental species. Therefore, we berate ourselves for failing if we lose momentum for even a moment.

One way to maintain your health and fitness goals is to find the right motivation and support. Seems like, Fitacon Event seems to be the right one. It is Pune’s Largest Health & Fitness which gives you the access to the several fitness and health insights.

Nowadays, these fitness conferences like FITACON are fun places to visit if you are interested in learning more about how to live a healthy lifestyle, want to be up to date with different fitness technology, or just are curious about learning more about your health.

Furthermore, the event will be providing right guidance, suggestions, tips, techniques on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and remain fit for as long as you live.

 What Does FitaCon Event Educates?

People needs to understands that working out should not be a torture and not the punishment. FitaCon event is Pune’s largest fitness conference which has a lighthearted and practical approach to fitness. It’s a great combo of real talk, laughs, workouts, motivation, and more.

FitaCon event prides itself on a high energy and motivating environment. The event will be the home of the fitness revolution – this is no ordinary event. We will have plethora of  key note speakers giving insights on nutritional facts and diets, women’s health, emotional & mental health, Yog awareness, sports fitness, and much more. 

This largest fitness event delivers down-to-earth takes on topics like boosting your confidence. Even more how to navigate the grocery store, and why you should stop making New Year’s resolutions probably acting upon your resolutions. 

With a mix of science-backed workout tips, nutritious recipes, and further health and fitness tips this Pune’s largest fitness conference features with certified and knowledgeable key not speakers which brings smart, realistic and encouraging talks guiding and suggesting you with informative insights.

Above all, FitaCon will be addressing social determinants of health, improving health equity, receiving health tips, and guidance on how to lose weight sensibly. Seems like we all know that ditching bad eating habits, and eating the right meals is tough but not impossible task.

At the FitaCon conference we will hear stories and enter into conversations on healthy meals, furthermore, discussing on where it gets hard, and how challenges can be resolved, so we can more fully unite for a healthier lifestyle.

FitaCon Largest Fitness Conference

This largest fitness conference in Pune is perfect for those who are looking to lose weight, eat a better diet, live longer, gain muscle, as well as wish to achieve fitness goal. Additionally, it is targeted towards all age-group. Furthermore, their most noteworthy fitness journey whether they are beginners or fitness experts and enthusiasts.

There are powerful ways you can encourage healthy behavior change. FitaCon event educates you on your eating  behaviors, letting you know what’s good to eat and what’s to avoid.

The event keynote speakers are certified, knowledgeable and experienced in helping you build an expanded view of the benefits of exercise. Rather than only setting a weight-loss goal, encourages participants to track changes related to blood biomarkers, reduced stress or anxiety, better sleep and energy, or improvements in sport and activities of daily living.

 largest fitness conference Pune’s Largest Fitness Conference Brings?

This is Pune’s First Largest And Most Unique event to be held for Health and Fitness Enthusiasts who want to spend the entire day learning to be healthy and fit.

SME Network’s “FitCon” – Fitness For Everyone event aims to bring together enthusiasts of both health and fitness.  An informative and interactive session focusing on:

  • Nutrition
  • Weight loss & Obesity related problems
  • Wellness and lifestyle
  • Yoga & spiritual health
  • Sports life & inspiration
  • Strength & weight training
  • Holistic health kids & teen fitness
  • Women’s health
  • Active life for senior citizen

The event comprises of speakers who have ran Marathons are avid health practitioners, climbed the Mt.Everest above all they all have been fitness Gurus for years. 

FitaCon Pune’s Largest Fitness Conference Prominent Speakers

  • Avanti Deshpande – A Faculty member for students at Symbiosis Institutes of Health and Wellness, Pune. Moreover, she specializes in providing personalized diet plans, corporate nutrition workshops. Furthermore she offers nutritious menu planning for sports person, special medical conditions and all others
  • Dr.Sujata Kelkar Shetty – An ICF Certified Life coach. Furthermore, she assists people in regaining their health by combining her training coaching with her expertise in wellness
  • Mahindra Gokhale – A Fitness trainer for the Mumbai Indians team in the IPL. Even more he has a decade long rich experience and expertise in the areas of health, fitness and sport
  • Dr. Rajashree Tupe – Rajashree is the founder of Shriyog Institute in Pune, India. She is one of the senior disciples of Guruji BKS Iyengar. Seems like she has a passion to share with every person the true pulse of Yog
  • Anagha Pathak – An art of living teacher. Above all, she is trained in Behavior Management techniques as counselor and psychotherapist
  • Aparna Prabhudesai – 47 years, is an entrepreneur by profession. Furthermore she is an avid marathoner and a mountaineer by vocation. 
  • Dr. Anand Gangwal – Lecturer and Post Graduate Guide at Sancheti Hospital in Pune. Furthermore, he is known for his expertise in Sports and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy.
  • Dr. Manisha Dhoipode – She has the expertise in amniocentesis, Chorionic Villus biopsy and Genetic counseling.
  • Taru Mateti – 45 Medals and 15 trophies for running, close to 40 prizes for badminton. Furthermore, she has completed a 50K Ultra in under 6 hours at the Pune Ultra Marathon, as well as Duathlon.

Don’t Google For Fitness Solutions – Participate In FitaCon Event, Pune

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July 13, 2018

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