Healthy Foods For Kids | 7 Top Reasons Why Your Kid Is Fussy Eater

October 27, 2018

Healthy Foods For Kids | 7 Top Reasons Why Your Kid Is Fussy Eater

Searching for ideas on  ” healthy foods for kids ” ? You have tried all sorts of things but; none seems to be working.

You try to give your kids food but they turn their head away.

You make what you thought was their favorite food, they pushes their bowls away.

Forcibly you try to feed them, but in vain.

Experienced all this? Welcome to fussy eaters’ moms club ! You are in here with on an average 30% of other mommies; so nothing to feel bad or embarrassed about it. Before learning about how to inculcate healthy eating habits in children; understand why your child has become a fussy eater in the first place.

Some babies embrace new foods while other babies reject them, but what explains these behaviors?

No Healthy Foods For Kids ? Is Your Toddler A Fussy Eater?

Many toddlers tend to be fussy about food, especially during the second year. While some toddlers become wary of eating new foods, which is again very natural. It can be a child’s instinctive reaction when he perceives a food item to be unsafe, and he might be reluctant to try anything new.

In the second year, toddlers tend to feel independent, as they can now walk, speak and do other stuff like adults, so being picky when it comes to food is again their way to assert their new found independence.

However, this is generally a temporary phase and if handled correctly, picky eaters can be turned into healthy eaters. However, more often than not, FitaCon has compiled the list of top 7 reasons why there no for healthy foods for kids and the reason behind becoming fussy eaters.

Top 7 Reasons Why Your Kids Are Fussy Eaters

1.You Are Not Able To Say No

You think saying no to your child’s wish for ice creams or processed food would mean you love him less. Or you are too pressed for time and energy to cope with your child’s tantrum. It is too difficult for you to not comply with your child’s preferences. And your kid knows it.

2.Processed Foods Are Always Your Immediate Option

Every time it’s a no for healthy foods for kids, you tend to offer an unhealthy alternative in a bid to make him eat. And your child knows that if he refuses to eat dal chawal it is only matter of time before you offer him cheese toast. Soon, he starts to develop a preference for the taste of the processed foods and rejects healthy foods vehemently.

3.You Easily Provide Separate Meals 

Catering to kids’ picky preferences drives the pickiness and never gives them a reason to try new foods. If you don’t want kids to pick macaroni and cheese, don’t make that one of the options.

4.Often The Good Intentions Backfire

Power struggles can teach kids the wrong messages about food. When a kid rejects a certain food and we put pressure on the kid to eat that food, it becomes a negative experience. How many of us have been told or told our kids: “Two more bites and you can have dessert”? That makes the dessert valuable and the vegetable not valuable

The green beans are the chore that needs to get done, and the gooey brownie is the reward. Even though the kid might learn he or she needs to eat the vegetable, we’re not teaching the kid to prefer it.

5.You Eat Meals Different Than Your Kids 

You might not be leading with examples at your home. When you force your child to eat broccoli while you yourself turn your face away from it, it does not teach him a thing on healthy eating. Eat a variety of food, eat it in front of your child and show visibly that you are enjoying your food. Feed the child the same food as you if he is big enough

6.Your Kids Are Not Getting Enough Exercises

If you child does not engage in outdoor play, then his appetite might never be big enough. It is imperative that children play and run about, and are constantly on the move. This activity not only helps in the physical development of your child but also enhances his motor skills. Playing with other children also contributes to your child’s social skills

7. Your Kid Is Undergoing A Growth Circle 

Children’s eating habits fluctuate with their growth cycles. You will notice them eating more during growth sprouts and being picky at other times. This happens more frequently when your child is between 1 and 6 years of age

Understand, parental anxiety won’t help. It’s better to learn by example, always be positive when offering food and show children how much you like a food when you’re asking them to eat it.

Some children tend to eat a lot in one meal and barely chew a morsel off the second. A varied appetite is nothing to worry about. Pressuring a kid to eat more may actually backfire with your kid becoming rebellious and stubborn due to constant nagging. Allow your child to regulate his food intake, and just ensure that he develops healthy eating habits.

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October 27, 2018

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