Healthy Snacks For Kids At School | Easy Nutritional Snack Ideas For Kids

September 24, 2018

Healthy Snacks For Kids At School | Easy Nutritional Snack Ideas For Kids

Most moms would agree that not only is feeding kids is a nonstop job, but being solely responsible for your child’s diet is a huge responsibility. Always browsing Internet for ” healthy snacks for kids ” for your school goers.

Snacks are quick bites that kids love more than any other food. But for a mom, making a variety of snacks is a daily challenge. Feeding your kids healthy snacks is a great way of leading them toward a healthy future. 

FitaCon’s upcoming event speaks about ” Nutrition, Health & Fitness for Kids” where it will be providing a lot of information, insights, tips, guidelines and suggestions on healthy eating, their physical development, and making nutritional meals for your kids. 



Healthy snacks for kids



Kids love coming home to a snack that is already prepared, and it helps them make better food choices! Not every parent can be home cooking to have a snack read for their kids, which is why most of these ideas are things you can make ahead and have ready at any time.  Some of these snack ideas, kids can make themselves if you have the ingredients ready.

Nutrition & Healthy Snacks For Kids Of School Going Age


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After school snacks ideas or after school lunch ideas: after a long tiring day of school every kid need something healthy and refreshing. In this blog page you will get after school snacks like sandwiches, wraps, rolls, drinks and lot more.

Find below some of the best healthy snacks for your kids:

1.Veggie Sandwiches

Kids might not want to come home and eat another sandwich like they did for lunch, but these are something totally different with the same yummy ingredients.

Veggies, a little cheese and protein make these a great snack to tide kids over until dinner.

2. Raagi Cookies

Sneak some calcium-rich ragi flour in cookies and your kids will never know. These crisp cookies are perfect for dunking in milk for breakfast or in the evening before they head out to play making it perfect healthy snacks for kids.

3. Oats Idli

Serve a plateful of these mini idlis that hide vegetables like carrots with the goodness of oats.
Oats Instant Idli is a healthy way to kick start one’s day as it is considered to be a super food.

This is a nutritious, healthy and hearty breakfast recipe that each one of you must try.

Most of the time when we look for food which can be made instantly then we think that it may not be healthy, but the catch in this recipe is that, it is easy to make, fast to cook and at the same time is absolutely healthy and power packed with fiber, vitamins, minerals and all the nutrients that our body require to be fit and cool.

4. Eggs & Oat Omelette

An easy to make breakfast, the ingredients required to prepare it are usually always available in your kitchen.

This nutritious omelette provides loads of vitamins A,C and K, in addition to protein. It is a complete meal that also lets your child enjoy the benefits of the beta-carotene, antioxidants and fiber found in carrots as well as the minerals, vitamins, pigments and phytonutrients, including potassium, manganese, zinc, iron, calcium and antioxidants present in Spinach.

The presence of fiber and carbohydrates in the oats give your child a balanced and constant supply of energy throughout the day.

5. Moong Dal Cheela

Green Mung Beans are loaded with nutritional health benefits. By eating Green Mung Beans, you get high protein, low calorie food that is packed with vitamins and minerals.

Moong Dal Dosa is a rich and healthy recipe which is a great combination of moong dal and rice. Moong Dal Palak Cheela Recipe is a great way to start your day – a healthy breakfast. The Oats Pesarattu recipe is inspired from the classic South Indian dish “Pesarattu”. The Oats Ven Pongal Recipe is a simple, wholesome and full of flavor dish that is very quick and easy to make.

6. Mix Vegetable Upma

Semolina “Sooji” is also known for boosting energy. It is ideal for all those living an active lifestyle. It keeps your body charged throughout the day, helps you perform better and prevents the general sense of lethargy felt during afternoons mostly.

Generally onions, tomatoes, peas, carrots, french beans, and potatoes are added to upma.You can also add green peas and any other vegetables to it. This helps you get lots of vitamins and minerals in your diet. This makes upma nutritious. Adding veggies to the upma not only makes it tastier but also healthier.

7. Healthy Frankie / Rolls For Your School Going Kids

Frankie’s just like sandwiches are a favorite snack for kids. They love it, because it is easy to hold in one hand and the crisp roti with which the frankie / rolls are made of makes it super delicious for them. The best part of frankie/ rolls are that they can be packed into a lunch box, for picnic and even makes a simple, quick and wholesome dinner.

When kids come back from school, serve these frankie/ rolls along with a glass of smoothie to make a nourishing after school snack. If your kid is a picky eater and avoid veggies this is the best way to make them eat. There are variety of combinations you can try such as paneer and veggies, spinach and mushroom veggies, corn and veggie wraps, hummus, onions and veggie rolls etc.

8. Parathas – Veggies/ Grains

Paranthas are actually pretty popular all across the country with little variation in recipes and names. They are also known as theplas, chapatis, parota etc.

Parathas are made using whole wheat flour and different fillings that add to the taste of these delights. A good way to make them less a guilty-meal is to use lesser oil and use healthier fillings. If this thought hasn’t crossed your mind yet, we help you decide some of the healthy fillings you must add to your parathas.

9. Corn Salads

Corn is a decent source of protein. Popcorn and sweet corn are commonly eaten varieties, but refined corn products are also widely consumed, frequently as ingredients in foods.
Being a good source of antioxidant carotenoids, such as lutein and zeaxanthin, yellow (or colored) corn may promote eye health. It is also a rich source of many vitamins and minerals.

Aside from containing varying amounts of water, corn is mainly composed of carbohydrates, and has small amounts of protein and fat.

Go gluten free with these savoury corn salads filled with a cheese and vegetable mixture. A smart way of getting your child to eat healthy, these little tartlets work like magic.

10. Broken Wheat, Apple and Oats Porridge

Complete healthy wholesome snack for your school going kids. Oats contain some unique components — in particular, the soluble fiber beta-glucan and antioxidants called avenanthramides.

Oatmeal by itself is not very appealing. So make a sweet porridge out of it by adding broken wheat (dalia) and fruit. We chose apples, but you can add banana, berries, and raisins as well if your kid likes them.

Instant healthy snacks for your kid;  oats are the most highly processed variety. While they take the shortest time to cook

Wrapping Up

With the school year in full swing it’s important to make sure your kids are eating the proper amount of nutrition and staying hydrated.

Most kids hate eating in school. Pack such irresistible snacks that they can’t refuse to eat. Do not give less importance to after school snacks since it is a great treat of the day for tired kid.


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September 24, 2018

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