Top 5 Effortless Ways To Motivate Yourself To Improve Your Lifestyle

December 29, 2018

Top 5 Effortless Ways To Motivate Yourself To Improve Your Lifestyle

Wish to improve your lifestyle ??? Establishing a fitness routine is just like any other routine – though a tough one to maintain dedication. Start with desire to improve your lifestyle by making a change.

We are nearing to the year end and the resolutions as usual are made, which are hardly followed….

I am going to exercise daily, and going to eat better. Well, ditch those resolutions. You need something concrete that actually helps improve your lifestyle.

It shouldn’t involve drastic, unsustainable changes. Rather, minor adjustments that don’t seem like a lot at first but overtime produce big results.

How many times have you gone to make a big change in your life, gained some momentum, and subsequently burned out? This likely stemmed from viewing the process as too overwhelming to endure.

Don’t worry. It’s not.

improve your lifestyle


FitaCon is sharing few simple tips that helps you improve your lifestyle 

1. It’s time to tear down your mental walls

if you’re struggling with a sedentary lifestyle, you’re not alone. Millions of us are just like you, and we all know we should get moving, but we stumble and fall back into old habits or never get the traction you need. This is completely normal, don’t think anything otherwise. Say “I’m going to change my behavior for the better for the rest of my life,” do it.

2. Don’t get caught up in “All or nothing” mindset

Exercise doesn’t have to be complicated. Doing something is better than doing nothing. Do what you can do and do consistently then worry about optimizing later as you gain traction. Remember, getting started is everything.

Understand how habits work. Most people fail in fitness because they never enter a self-sustaining positive feedback loop. In fact, most people don’t even start. In order to be successful at fitness, it needs to be in the same category of the brain as sleeping, eating and working.

The key is to find a routine replacement that works for you, and that gets results for the energy you put into building it into your habits.

3. Know that you are not lazy, you are starting from zero

One discouraging thing you’ve probably heard before is that you’re just lazy and will give up eventually, so why bother. To say that people don’t exercise because they are lazy is actually backwards. Often times, people are actually lazy because they’re out of shape and don’t exercise.

It’s easy for someone in-shape to tell someone who’s having a tough time that they’re just lazy, but the truth is running a mile for a couch potato is far more difficult and requires more physical and mental will than it does for someone who does it everyday. Recognize that, especially when you start down the slippery slope of comparing yourself and your habits to others.

4. Set the bar low and start small

Well, starting from zero to every day worked well for a while, but when you had to miss a day because you worked late, was sick, or got your schedule changed,  that feels terrible.

Eventually you’d give up, and beat yourself up over it until you could get motivated to start again. Don’t make the same mistake—if you’re having trouble with every day, start with twice a week, or once. Whatever it is, start with something you can definitely do effortlessly. This is where suggestions like parking on the far end of the lot and taking the stairs come into play. 

Instead of setting out to exercise 5-6 times a week, aim to do 1-2 times – consistently. Set the bar low so that you can build up initial success and build the self confidence and examples of winning that you’ll need once things get harder.

5. Whatever you do, make it a fun

Choose something rewarding enough to make you feel good about doing it. If you’re having a good time, make a note of it. If you make mistakes make it a like learning experiences and challenges to be overcome, not throw-up-your-hands-and-give-up moments.

Whether you feel like playing tennis or joining martial art class do it. Whatever it is, make sure it’s something you’ll have a great time doing, and is low-enough impact that you can get in, keep up, and slowly challenge yourself as it progresses.

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December 29, 2018

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