Treatments for IVF In Mumbai | Best IVF Doctors Mumbai | IVF Center In Mumbai

August 30, 2018

Treatments for IVF In Mumbai | Best IVF Doctors Mumbai | IVF Center In Mumbai

Having hard time conceiving a baby?  You have already visited your gynec but’ it is still not helping. It’s been more than a year and you have already started planning for a family but; the struggle is still on. You are desperate to give “Good news” to your husband…your family and friends….wishing to share all that special moments. However; visiting the best treatment centers for IVF in Mumbai can help.

IVF In Mumbai


Infertility has become a common problems in Indian women. With the increasing stress, not able to maintain a good balance between work and life, social pressure and more, doctors are witnessing an increasing growth of fertility issues and if you are one of them; considering IVF in Mumbai could be a lifesaver  for you.

Why Choose To Go For IVF Treatments In Mumbai?

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In Vitro Fertilization – IVF is an assisted reproductive technology (ART) commonly referred to as IVF. IVF is the process of fertilization by extracting eggs, retrieving a sperm sample, and then manually combining an egg and sperm in a laboratory dish. The embryo(s) is then transferred to the uterus.

Choosing Specialists for IVF in Mumbai to treat infertility because:

  • Blocked or damaged fallopian tubes
  • Male factor infertility including decreased sperm count or sperm motility
  • Women with ovulation disorders, premature ovarian failure, uterine fibroids
  • Women who have had their fallopian tubes removed
  • Individuals with a genetic disorder
  • Unexplained infertility

Sometimes, IVF treatment is offered as a primary treatment for infertility in women over age 40. IVF can also be done if you have certain health conditions.

Best Doctors For IVF In Mumbai With 100% Success Rates

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1. Dr. Firuza Parikh

Location: Jaslok Hospital – Mumbai

Over the years, Dr. Firuza Parikh has become the final hope for a majority of couples battling infertility. Thanks to her command over In vitro fertilisation (IVF), over 7000 couples have been blessed with children. She was trained at the Yale School of Medicine in Reproductive Medicine for four years in the mud 1980’s.

She is the Director, Dept. of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics, Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre. Moreover; she is the youngest person in the history of the hospital to hold this title when she was appointed in her early 30s.

Furthermore; her patients run the gamut of society from international celebrities from Hollywood and Bollywood to the poorest in the country. She treats them all with equal compassion.

To connect with Dr. Firuza Parikh for infertility and IVF treatments click here

2. Dr. Jatin Shah

Location: Grant Road West, Mumbai

He is MD DGO at KEM Hospital in Mumbai. Specialist in Assisted reproductive Technologies (ART).

He is also a Director of Mumbai Fertility Clinic & IVF centre in Mumbai.

Dr Jatin P Shah and his team of expert gynecologists, endoscopists and embryologists has been performing IVF & ICSI very successfully since the past 17 years, having in the process helped more than 5000 patients to have IVF & ICSI babies.

Furthermore; he has several published papers to his credit and also co-authored the “Photographic atlas of operative obstetric and gynecological techniques” with Dr Shashank Parulkar.

Dr. Jatin Shah is the founder member representing India of Asia-Pacific Initiatives for Reproductive Endocrinology (ASPIRE) – an organization which conducts conferences and coordinates research efforts in the region from various countries

He was recently in news for the successful IVF-Surrogacy birth to Gauri and Shahrukh Khan , Karan Johar and several other noted celebrities.

Moreover; Dr, Pai is the Founder Editor of The Journal of Gynecological Endoscopy & Surgery, which is launched in 2009, when he was President of the Indian association of Gynecological Endoscopists. Furthermore; He has one of the ten IVF clinics in India, who has been recognized to offer Fellowship in superspeciality of ART by the National Board New Delhi.

Furthermore Dr. Jatin Shah is known to provide various infertility treatments like:

  • Embryo freezing
  • Male infertility
  • Intrauterine Insemination
  • Egg freezing
  • Ovulation induction

To connect with Dr. Jatin Shah for IVF treatments in Mumbai click here

3. Dr. Hrishikesh Pai 

Location: Bandra West, Mumbai

Dr. Pai, besides being an MD gold medalist at the University of Mumbai & Masters of Science in Clinical Embryology and Andrology from the Eastern Virginia Medical school USA , has also been the recipient of the Rashtriya Ekta award, the Best Doctor award from the Indian Medical Association, the Navshakti award for yeomen service in medicine, and even the Jai Hind College alumni award.

Dr. Hrishikesh D. Pai, has been in the field of IVF since 26 years.

He is the scientific director of Two IVF units in Mumbai- ‘The Babies & Us’

Dr. Hrishikesh Pai’s clinic is renowned clinic for IVF in Mumbai which offers services like:

  • ICSI
  • Surrogacy
  • Embryoscope
  • IMSI
  • Egg Donation
  • IVF

To connect with Dr. Hrishikesh Pai for Surrogacy or IVF treatments in Mumbai click here

4. Dr. Nandita Palshetkar

Location: Charni Road, Mumbai

Parenthood is the dream of every couple. However; the urge to procreate is genetically motivated and is one of the greatest sources of enduring joy for couples. However; given the increasing levels of infertility in today’s generation, there are millions of couples who pine for the joy of having a baby.

Infertility in women, low sperm counts or motility in men hence; making parenthood difficult however; not impossible for such couples.

Dr. Nandita Palshetkar is one of the pioneers of IVF Clinics In India specialising in Assisted Reproductive Technologies and has been instrumental in helping over 25,000 aspiring parents to have a baby of their own. Furthermore; She is credited with an average IVF success rate of 35-45% in started cycles in women under 35.

Dr. Nandita Palshetkar is an IVF specialist in Mumbai who combines high level of medical expertise with the latest IVF treatment related medical technology hence; offering high success rates among infertility treatments.

Seems like Dr. Palshetkar has the record of being the first to establish assisted laser hatching in India in 1998 she is credited with the first laser hatched twins in India. Furthermore; she also has the distinction of having achieved pregnancy in the oldest woman in India, a 60 year old in 2000.

Furthermore; she is currently the professor of OBGYN at the Dr. D.Y. Patil Medical College, Navi Mumbai and teacher for super specialty degree (FNB), Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine, National Board, Delhi at Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai.

Her fertility treatment in Mumbai includes:

  • IVF
  • IUI
  • PGD
  • Egg freezing
  • Sperm freezing
  • IMSI
  • ICSI
  • Ovulation induction
  • Embryo donation
  • Laser assisted hatching
  • Recurrent IVF Failure
  • Embryoscope
  • Tubal factor infertility

To connect with Dr. Nandita for your infertility issues and IVF treatment click here

5. Dr. Indira Hinduja

Location: Hinduja IVF Center, T J Kataria Marg, Mumbai

Dr. Indira Hinduja runs IVF CENTRE at Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai. She is M.D., Ph.D., D.G.O., D.F.P  an IVF and infertility specialist.

Dr. Indira Hinduja now join hands with P. D. Hinduja Hospital. Hinduja IVF Centre is the fruition of their efforts with the aim providing the best of expertise and treatment for IVF in Mumbai; very few can match up to.

Unrivalled expertise, standardised and transparent care delivery protocols, quality processes, hand-holding every step of the way from preconception to post delivery hence; assures you get your best chance at making your family complete.

To connect with Dr. Indira Hinduja for fertility treatments in Mumbai click here

Talk with your doctor about any factors that apply to you when it comes to treating infertility,  and how they may affect your chances of a successful pregnancy.

Need help in conceiving? Want to know more about best gynecologist in Pune offering 100% fertility success rate? Checkout with the above mentioned IVF doctors for your infertility problems.  Furthermore; you can register with FitaCon for more your health, wellness and fitness questions. 

August 30, 2018

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