Make Learning Fun | Top 5 STEM Kids Learning Centers In Mumbai

November 20, 2018

Make Learning Fun | Top 5 STEM Kids Learning Centers In Mumbai

It’s fascinating to go out to the playground and listen to a Y3 child talk to a Y6 one about the experiment they just did! How excited they are and it has created this really enthusiastic culture. We live in the era of “STEM” culture; and if your kids are enthusiastic cute curious minds; enrolling them into one of the best STEM kids learning centers in Mumbai will be great fun learning experience.

What Is STEM School Or STEM Learning Center?

STEM Education’, known for its focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, is now growing relatively fast in Indian education sector.

Kids learning centers in Mumbai


A robust STEM education creates critical thinkers, problem-solvers, and next generation innovators. Taking into consideration that India is one of the countries that produces the highest number of scientists and engineers, the growth of STEM kids learning centers in Mumbai has picked up significantly over the last few years.

Enroll Your Kids Learning Centers In Mumbai For STEM Education?



There is a lot of innovation which is taking place with regard to STEM kids learning centers in Mumbai:

  • The education sector now days is looking beyond typical classrooms studies. It is inclining more towards hands-on learning and STEM enhancement on the present as well as future information and communications technology and smart platforms.
  • Many STEM companies are working with schools to help them set up the STEM centres in Mumbai for kids.
  • The government seems to be taking keen interest in nurturing these educational institutions to upgrade their library infrastructures with more engaging learning assets and management tools.
  • Basic ‘entry level’ coding devices are introduced in the market which are now offering the schools with the ability to teach simple coding and bring STEM concepts in the classrooms of kids learning centers in Mumbai.

Top 5 STEM Schools For Kids In Mumbai

1. Metx Robotics

Location: Andheri, SantaCruz, Chembur and Bandra West

Metx Robotics Started as a vision for excellence to create an unparalleled teaching experience in the field of Robotics under the insight of Founder & Owner Shashank Mathur in 2011.

He has been working in the field of Robotics from 2005 and has since then created a huge variety of Robot’s. Furthermore; he has created the First Indian Wireless Welding Controller and also pioneered the first ever Annual Robotics Workshop in India for M.B, High School in Mumbai, India in 2011.

Metx Robotics since inception has trained more than 1500 college and school students in more than 50 Workshops. Their aim is to raise independent and innovative thinkers from a young age who have the capacity to reason, imagine, visualize and realize.

With more than 20 Programs suited for students from ages 6 yrs and above, we take pride in our ability to provide understanding and application based learning to future geniuses.

MetX Robotics provides specialized coaching in:

  • Making drone
  • Robotics workshops
  • Robotics training
  • Aero-modelling

To connect with MetX Robotics click here


2. ThinkLabs

Location: Ghatkopar, Mumbai

Exchange rote learning for active experiences. Where have the most important scientific discoveries been made? The answer is real-life, seemingly everyday situations. “Eureka” from Thinklabs is focused on constructive learning, the kind of education that guides students to interact with the objects around them, appreciating and interpreting their scientific value. This program dramatically improves understanding and retention.

Students need to be involved in activities where they gain an appreciation of the scientific process. Understanding of science concepts involves appreciating how these concepts play in things around us.

Therefore; students need to be given opportunities to explore things and directly experience the working of science. Hence; to engage in learning, students need to be excited about science and motivated to wonder about how things happen. It is then that students will experience the joy of learning science.

Eureka Of Thinklab covers concepts like:

  • Logic building and programming
  • Problem solving and training for future careers
  • Robotics

To connect with Thinklabs click here

3. The Curiosity Club

Location: Cuffe Parade, Dadar, Khar West, Tardeo, Worli and Nepean Sea Road

The classes are designed to give children the platform for hands-on learning of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) concepts. It is one of the best kids learning centers in Mumbai for STEM concepts.

Every session is planned in a manner that children have the opportunity to learn the concept as well as build models with LEGO and other material. Therefore; creativity and teamwork are an essential part of all their programs.

Children use LEGO, Cubetto and other material to learn simple science and engineering concepts hence; get introduced to coding.

Over the weeks, children will cover a variety of learning concepts. Being one of the best kids learning centers in Mumbai for STEM aims to create a more holistic and fun experience for children. Furthermore; help them build upon 21st century life skills such as collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking.

Children will also create their own stories with LEGO, based on different themes. They will separate their stories in beginning, middle and end, also learning to create structure to stories.

In each one hour session, there is discussion of the topic, building and/or programming of the models and then each child will explain what they have built and learned during that session. Some sessions will involve teamwork and others will be individual builds. But, in each turn we wish to focus deeply on creativity and imagination, and problem-solving ability, and hence avoid giving building instructions to children.

The Curiosity Club specializes in:

  • Fine motor skills
  • Introduction to coding
  • Logical thinking
  • Translating creativity and imagination into three dimensional objects
  • Problem solving skills
  • Communication skills

To connect with The Curiosity Club click here


4. iRoboKid

Location: Prabhadevi, Ghatkopar, Tardeo, and Thane

iRobokid is an educational organization that specializes in STEM education for kids. It offers various STEM related courses which includes Robotics, 3D Printing,  Electrics and Electronics, and Coding.

The learning center provides an environment to experiment with new technologies and concepts in fun & hands on learning. They endeavour to transform learning through Computer Science – Science, Technology, Engineering & Math from conventional to Hands-On learning.

The vision is to see every child actively engaged in the seeing, doing and understanding of science, mathematics and language. The next generation deserves the opportunity to view language, science and maths based technologies as relevant, fun and something that every one of us – even the youngest can participate in here and now, and contemplate to as something learned in classroom textbooks.

iRoboKids include courses like:

  • iBuilder
  • iCode
  • iEngineer
  • iDesign
  • iProto
  • iArdubotics

To connect with iRobotics click here

5. KidsTechieClub

Kids Techie Club was established in the year 2010 by 2 young & dynamic engineers having a goal of replacing the current conventional methods of teaching & learning with hands-on solutions, creating playful learning experiences that enable every student to succeed by supporting teachers to grow students’ critical thinking and creativity for a digital future.

Kids techie club has developed learning solutions that cover core curriculum areas of CS-S.T.E.A.M.(Computer Science, Science, Technology, Engineering Art & Math) in a way that makes the whole learning experience far more adventurous.

The KidsTechieClub offers STEM activities such as:

  • Game designing
  • Drone making
  • Robotics
  • Circuit building
  • Stop motion animation
  • Aeromodelling
  • 3D printing
  • Coding for toddlers

To connect with KidsTechieClub connect here

Wrapping Up

STEM education for the future of our country. We want our children to be successful, and by teaching them to be curious, innovative, and to utilize critical thinking at a young age, we can set up a roadmap for their success in STEM education by fueling a constant fire that encourages them to be STEM minded not only at school, but as a lifestyle.

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November 20, 2018

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