Marathon Training Mumbai | Gear Up For Your Next Mumbai Marathon Race

August 25, 2018

Marathon Training Mumbai | Gear Up For Your Next Mumbai Marathon Race

So you signed up for Mumbai Marathon. Good for you! Whether it was a bet, bucket-list item, or impulse decision you’re now regretting—that date is looming on the calendar. Don’t fret !! Enroll in one of the best Marathon training Mumbai to get in shape for your next Mumbai Marathon.

Seeing your peer participating in Mumbai Marathon you too are keen to participate? Have no idea on how to train yourself for Marathon Mumbai races…. Well, there are lot many like you who are Marathon beginners and wish to run upcoming Mumbai Marathon race. For them and for you there’s one great solution  – Enrolling in one of the top Marathon training centers in Mumbai. 

Why Run Mumbai Marathon?

Marathon Training Mumbai

If you are here to read the obvious answer to ” Why Run Mumbai Marathons” than …there’s no specific answer to this.
Individuals who wish to run Marathon have different mindsets and reasons to run such as:
  • To tick off the long held bucket list ambition
  • Fundraise money for charity
  • Enhance your life success
  • You just want to test yourself
  • Wish to explore new places
  • Want to gain your confidence back
  • Meet and make friends with like-minded people
  • Improve fitness
  • Experience something new
  • Or Simply you just want to

It’s not like people do marathons because they’re fun.

Marathon running isn’t for everyone. But athletes who feel up to the task and training gain more than bragging rights.

Preparing to run for those long kilometers miles takes three- to four-months of training, a significant time commitment that alters your schedule, workout regimen, sleeping and eating habits. Such preparations also require sacrifice and support from your loved ones.

Running a marathon is one of those epic milestones. The distance is a challenge, especially that second half. What it takes goes well beyond being physically prepared.

Marathon Mumbai Training Get Trained For Your Next Mumbai Marathon Race

Best Marathon Training Mumbai Centers

It is always good to have a running partner and a good marathon coach/trainer. Remember joining a Marathon Training Mumbai academy will always works as a catalyst, keeps you motivated, and competitive.

A Mumbai Marathoner coach/trainer makes sure you are working in the right direction with proper techniques. With that being said have a look at the critical elements of marathon training Mumbai.

1. Striders – Marathon Training Mumbai – Dadar East

Strider’s Marathon training programs are designed to improve your overall health. Hence; with the advent of corporate culture, people are leading sedentary lives, without caring for their health or fitness.

The inactive lifestyles eventually take a toll on one’s health, and leads to a myriad of lifestyle-related diseases, and stress-related conditions.

Strider’s marathon training will usually train in groups outdoors, in natural surroundings. With a breath of fresh air, our training sessions are always lively and refreshing. Furthermore; the group marathon training sessions create a sense of community and connect like-minded individuals from different backgrounds, bound by one passion.

The group format helps individuals form realistic goals, achieve their goals faster, motivate others, become inspired and instill a sense of discipline in their training.

Their training sessions thus; creates a relaxed atmosphere, not only helping the individuals focus on their goals but also acting as great stress busters.

Connect with Striders for your Mumbai Marathon Training program

2. Ace Runners

Ace Runners is Mumbai’s favorite running group & outdoor fitness center offering professionally coached sessions specifically designed for beginner and intermediate runners who wants to target a marathon.

The marathon training Mumbai takes pride about imparting innovative approach to running-training, offering fun & varied workouts for all levels. All of their sessions start with a gentle warm-up incorporating various drills and exercises designed to get the heart rate going, followed by workouts that everyone gets involved and feels energized in the group.

Improve technique and form as well as breaking ice within the group ensuring everyone feels right at home straight away. All sessions last 75 minutes which includes running for 20 – 30 minutes. However if you cannot run for that amount of time, you can easily walk or jog.

Ace Runners offers everyone a great opportunity to try out running, experience professional coaching, the camaraderie of group training whilst meeting like-minded people in your area.

Their fitness program will ensure not only you will improve your health and fitness levels but it will also elevate your personal confidence. Discipline, Commitment, and Will Power being major traits of the training will help you achieve more professionally.

It provides training for Couch to 5 KM,  Training for 10 Km, Half Marathon, and Full marathon

Connect with Ace Runners to discuss your Marathon training requirements

3. Run India Run – Ghatkopar, Mumbai

Run India Run believes in “Anyone Can Run” … The marathon training center in Mumbai motivates people especially the ones who have never run in their entire life to make the first step towards running their dream Marathon.

Some run for fitness, some run to win but we run because we love to run!

It’s good to have a goal when you’re running, whether it’s to slim down or to reach the finishing line first but when running becomes a lifestyle therefore; the goals are achieved more seamlessly.

Running makes you feel alive, refreshes every sense and part of your body and transforms you into a more active and lively person.

Run India Run provides Marathon Training, General Fitness Training and Marathon Management services. Run India Run also conducts Motivational Wellness Talks to spread awareness about running and fitness. Currently, RunIndiaRun has 12 Marathon Training centres across Mumbai.

Connect with Run India Run for your Marathon Training here

4. Star Athletes United –  Juhu, Mumbai

Star Athletes United was started in 2013 by Nitin D’Souza. Since its inception in 2013, Star Athletes United has trained more than 40 Athletes.

Marathon Training by Star Athletes United was started in June 2014.

Nitin D’Souza represented India in 1st International, Veterans Athletic Championship 2010, Pune.

Nitin was a Technical Official as 3rd Leg of Asian Grand Prix 2007. Furthermore; he was Mumbai Marathon Official from 2006 to 2014 and official of Mumbai Suburban District Athletic Association.

Since 20 years, Nitin D’Souza has been a Physical Education Teacher at St. Joseph School, Juhu, Mumbai. Furthermore; under his guidance students from St. Joseph School, Juhu have won many championships.

Connect with Star Athletes United For Your Mumbai Marathon Training 

5. Be Fit Fitness Solutions – Juhu, Bandra, Dadar & Race Course, Mumbai

Be Fit was established on 14th September 2001 with a view to usher in a new era in Marathon training and general physical fitness.  This marathon training Mumbai is proud to have trained more than 5000 people across all age groups ranging from kids, professional athletes and sportsmen as well as amateurs and senior citizens in the past decade.

Members associated with Be Fit have not only achieved success in specific sports and sporting events but have made fitness a part of their lives.

Whether your goal is becoming an athlete, achieving personal milestones in any sporting events or simply staying fit for life and feeling great about your body, Be Fit Fitness believes you will find all your answers at Be Fit.

A regularized and systematically planned exercise schedule, programmed according to ones strength and weakness, irrespective of any health hazards is the most prominent feature at Be Fit. Emphasis is also given on a safe, healthy and natural atmosphere for training.

Connect with Be Fit Fitness Solutions for your  Marathon Training

Training For Marathon

If your keen to participate in Marathon, come participate in Fitacon to know more about marathon running techniques and tips from senior marathon runners do to win marathon.

It is important to eat right and practice your fitness regime daily however; if you can have a personal trainer will be a huge difference.

Check out more about fitness, health and wellness at FitaCon – Pune Largest Fitness Conference

Visit FitaCon  – Pune’s largest fitness conference having a biggest meet of health, fitness, wellness and nutritionist certified experts offering amazing helpful tips and suggestion. To hear them click here.

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August 25, 2018

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