Motoring Skills Milestones in Kids | Infant Motor Skills Birth To 5 Years

October 17, 2018

Motoring Skills Milestones in Kids | Infant Motor Skills Birth To 5 Years

With practice, patience, and support, young children’s motor skills grow by leaps and bounds. Having developed motoring skills in kids at the right age; at the right time helps children explore the world around them and also helps with their cognitive development.


Fine Motoring Skills: Birth To 2 Years

Motoring skills


Your 6 month old  gurgles as she lies on her stomach and kicks her legs. She pushes up with her arms and lifts her head to get a good look at it. Finally she reaches for the toy and holds it for a few moments.

But much to her surprise, she loses her balance and rolls onto her back. Quickly regaining composure, your little one is enjoying this play activity.

Spending lots of floor time with a baby lying on her back or stomach helps them develop coordination, balance, and muscle strength during their earliest months.

And after many weeks of focused concentration and practice, a baby will be able to reach and grasp objects, support her body weight on her arms, and roll over.

Some of the motoring skills milestones include:

Moving Along

Locomotion enters a baby’s life when she begins to pivot on her tummy and creep by pulling herself forward with her arms.

A baby is no longer dependent on others to change her location or position.  Furthermore; she can make choices in her explorations and move toward an object that interests her. She can also communicate by moving toward things she wants or needs.

Sitting and Reaching

Your kid is now 8 months old; can sit on the rug, eyeing a colorful toy just out of her reach.

She tries to lean over, and picks up to rattle, and shakes it with happiness.

Your kid’s back muscles have developed enough for her to have stability while sitting. Now she can shift her weight, reach across her body and grasp an object. Soon she will push herself forward onto her hands and knees.

Cruising and Standing

Your 1 year old kid now; is in growing phase – from infant to kid. 

Your kid now confidently sits on the rug. He/she can feel emotions and reacts.  as he busily pulls apart pop beads. He sees his friend cuddling on the sofa with a teacher. Wanting to join the fun, they would grab onto the sofa, pulls themselves to standing, and cruises along the edge moving toward his friends.

As your kid begins to stand unsupported, the strength and control in their back and leg muscles increase. Next, they’ll push a small wooden chair or sturdy push toy across the room. And finally, take their first steps.

Walking Is Powerful

It is such a dramatic shift when a toddler begins to walk independently. The kid dances to the tunes of the music, quickly moving from object to object furthermore; eager to explore the world.

However; they’ll always ensure that you are around to encourage and offer security. 

The Supportive Environment

The physical environment in your house plays a key role. There should be open spaces so infants can roll and early walkers can toddle without bumping into things.

3- 4 carpeted steps and a short incline help them understand on how to move further and take the steps cautiously. A sturdy chair with arms helps the toddler learn how to get in and out of the sitting position.

What you can do is play chasing games to encourage their movements, play soft music encouraging them to listen and move. 

3 to 5 “WATCH ME ” Motoring Skills Age

Your 4 years old now can grab a ball and play independently with their friends.

Your kid can now take turns, running fast and kicking the ball. They know how to stop the ball, catch it and with little practice aim it.

They have developed all sorts of emotions and can acknowledge them for e.g. cheering up for the game etc.

Setting Their Sights on Skills

These preschoolers love to use pretend play to mimic the athletic activities of their big brothers and sisters, or the players they see on television. Hence; such play enhances their emerging skills, and it’s only natural that 4-year-olds like

They enjoy games that require quick gross motor reactions. Using their arm muscles to steer, they maneuver turns and corners with great confidence, skillfully avoiding oncoming obstacles.

Perhaps; they love participating in bold, high-energy, outdoor activities with their friends.

Developing Fine Motor Skills

Care must be taken not to tire or frustrate your 3-year-olds with activities that require too much concentrated hand-eye coordination. Hence; once their fine motor skills develop, they will be able to handle a wider range of physical manipulations, such as holding a crayon between two fingers and a thumb while drawing circular shapes, crosses, and the early stages of more-intricate designs on large paper.

Providing Supportive Environment

What you can do is get your kid moving. Furthermore; you can build movement into routines throughout the day. Furthermore; you can sing action songs to help make transitions easy. 

Offer a wide range of gross motor equipment. To keep children interested, use different items to strengthen large arm muscles parachutes to move in the air, bean bags to toss, climbers to pull up on or to perfect gross leg movements swings to pump, big balls to kick, trikes and scooters to push.

Adapt materials. Offer items appropriate for different motoring skill levels so children feel challenged but not frustrated. Look at children’s motivation and persistence for a physical activity. 

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October 17, 2018

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