Organic Food Product Stores Pune | Buy From Best Organic Grocery Stores In Pune

August 09, 2018

Organic Food Product Stores Pune | Buy From Best Organic Grocery Stores In Pune

Making the switch to eating more organic fruits and vegetables can be a very healthy decision. Looking for Organic food product stores in Pune? Or you are looking to place an order online to the Organic food stores near me ….You have come to the right place for your Organic Grocery shopping.

Organic food is good for health. Therefore; with the increasing awareness to eat healthy today you’ll find lot of stores selling organic food in Pune, India. Organic produce are known to offer healthful benefits. 

This is some very exciting news for health food enthusiasts of all ages and income levels, but particularly for young people, students, and shoppers on a budget. Therefore, we have listed the best Organic food products stores in Pune for you.

Why Buy From Best Organic Food Products Stores In Pune?

However, there may be logical reasons for the heftier price tag, does it really make sense as a consumer to pay more for organic food?

Organic food products stores in Pune


The reasons to buy organic food product stores in Pune is the organic produce is grown without synthetic pesticides. Hence, there is no mixing of synthetic fertilizers or genetically modified organisms.

The Organic vegetable and fruits are:

  • Nourished with natural organic fertilizers and soil amendments
  • There is no use of synthetic post harvest treatments
  • Certified Organic agricultural products are used
  • No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives are added
  • No use of GMOs were allowed

Why Are Organics Food Products More Expensive?

In most cases organics do cost more. Therefore, there is a substantial cost to the farmers who want to be certified as “organic” – This cost is passed down to you and I.

There is also a supply and demand issue. While sales of organic products is growing, therefore; they still represent a small sliver of total grocery sales. However; smaller sales volume means less economies of scale for the producer, and therefore higher prices for us.

Best Organic Food Product Stores In Pune 

Pune is one of those prominent Indian cities, which have long been a part of this organic revolution. Let us take a look at the best organic food stores in Pune.

1.Patanjali Organic Food Store

Patanjali is a name which doesn’t need any introduction. The brand offers wide range of health care products prepared from naturally grown organic fruits and vegetables.

Furthermore; Patanjali organic produce includes wide range of variety such as juices, jam and sharbat from Aloe Vera, Amla, Murabba, Karela, Lemon, Litchi, Mango and Mixed Fruits. 

Be it pulses, flour, juices, biscuits or spices, the brand maintains the taste and nutritional value of the products. Relish the taste of purity and perfectly produced food products.

Furthermore, you can place the order online at or you can personally visit one of the Patanjali organic food stores in Pune to buy your organic grocery.

Patanjali organic food product stores are located at various locations of Pune hence; making it easy for the customers you buy organic food items. The store location includes Model Colony, Aundh, Baner, Kothrud, Pimple Saudagar etc.

For more details visit Patanjali Organic food product store here

2. Organic & Naturals  – Khandige Organics 

The company is dedicated to provide you the finest quality –  authentic Ayurveda, and wellness products made from potent herbs.

Since inception, the aim of the company has been to make available the best quality certified organic nutritional supplements, medicines, food and well-being products to discerning customers therefore, striving to reach beyond the best international standards.

Today the company owns four large estates amounting to over thousand acres of land holding, numerous farms. Furthermore, it has fully certified manufacturing facilities producing and marketing certified organic products in India and abroad.

Furthermore, you can buy online also you can buy organic food products from its Shivaji Nagar store as well as also available at Dorabjee’s, M.G. Road Pune

For more details visit Organic & Naturals Organic food stores in Pune here

3. FabIndia 

The brand name doesn’t need any introduction. Being one of the finest Organic food product stores in Pune, Fabindia Organics products carries several types of cereals, grains, pulses, spices, sugar, tea, coffee, honey, fruit preserves and herbs.

Evenmore, Fabindia’s range of authentic Personal care products includes soaps, shampoos, hair oils, pure oils, moisturisers, body scrubs, face packs, hair conditioners & special skin care products too are organic. 

Fabindia works closely with artisans hence, providing various inputs including design, quality control, access to raw materials and production coordination. 

You can find FabIndia organic food product store in Pune at various locations which include Aundh road, Chinchwad, J. M Road, Phoenix Market City, and Sasoon Road.

For more details to know about Organic food products at FabIndia, click here

4. Farm2Kitchen

Farm2Kitchen products are purest Mother Nature has to offer, cultivated and harvested in community farming.

The brand takes the responsibility such as supporting good farming practices and honest labeling hence, you can be sure that the products you buy are as authentic as possible.

The brand operates Organic Food stores in Pune as well as distribute food to processed food makers. Furthermore; the CEO Anand Dholi believes that the food value chain needs to transform from a production-driven system, to a demand-based one. 

For more details about Farm2Kitchen, click here

5. Organic Products India

Organic farming is a new revolution in the Indian farming industry. The Organic Products India is one of the best Organic food product stores in Pune. Therefore, it has an untarnished reputation of producing high quality organic products with EEC and other world organic regulations.

Furthermore, it is ISO 9001:2008 & HACCP certified company by Quest International certification, a Government Of India recognized Export House, Kosher and Spices Board Certified Company.

For more details about Organic Products India click here


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 Organic Food Product Stores

August 09, 2018

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