Organic Stores In Pune | Top 5 Organic Food Store Suppliers In Pune

August 07, 2018

Organic Stores In Pune | Top 5 Organic Food Store Suppliers In Pune

Changing your lifestyle habits ? Want to GO Organic? Looking for organic stores in Pune to place an order? You have come to the right place.

With the increasing awareness of health eating and living, people nowadays are choosing to GO Organic. With the advent of healthy eating awareness, organic stores in Pune are offering organic deliveries in Pune areas, delivering  clean, organic groceries to your doorstep.

Why Should You Choose Organic Foods?

Buy organic vegetables in Pune


Lot many times, we eat food for our Tongue i.e. how it tastes and for our eyes i.e. how it looks, instead we must listen to our heart and eat what is good for our Health

Our great-great-grandparents subsisted on a completely organic diet. Modern or conventional farming methods that involve the use of genetically modified organisms – GMOs. Even more, they are produced using synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides simply did not exist back then. However, over the last century, our diet and farming practices have changed significantly, however our bodies and our genetics have not.

You can’t expect to fuel your body and achieve optimal health by eating food, laced with toxic chemicals, that your body doesn’t recognize. Hence, you should consume organic foods. 

Benefits Of Eating Organic Food

  • Avoid chemicals
  • Benefit from more nutrients
  • Enjoy better taste
  • Avoid GMO
  • Avoid hormones, antibiotics and drugs in animal products
  • Preserve our ecosystems
  • Reduce pollution and protect water and soil
  • Preserve agricultural diversity

Top  Organic Stores In Pune Offering Organic Deliveries In Pune 

Organic stores in Pune


We have come up with this list of top organic stores in Pune offering organic deliveries in Pune which you’ll like to bookmark for your future use.

1.Swap4Pure – Swap For Health Foods

Access to healthy food is a right of every individual. However, in today’s world, it is seldom available. The home cooked meals that we consider healthy too may contain chemicals & pesticides which were used during the agricultural processes. Needless to say, they are harmful.

Swap4Pure work directly with farmers, farmer producer companies, bio-input companies and organizations/NGOs.  These companies and organizations works with farmers and help them convert their farms into pure ones devoid of chemicals & pesticides. Furthermore, Swap4Pure supports them financially by purchasing their produce at higher than market rates.

In collaboration with other organizations, Swap4Pure also help farmers learn technical aspects of organic farming. This includes home preparation of bio-pesticides using leaves of plants in the vicinity, preparation & application of jeevamrut & guidance in crop selection/ rotation.

Swap4Pure believes that it is a journey of perseverance that we have begun which will see the farmers prosperous hence, making consumers, healthy again.

2.Green Tokri

GreenTokri is a farm nestled amidst the picturesque foothills of the Sahyadris on the outskirts of Pune. Farming is their passion hence, organic farming is encouraged by growing a variety of lettuce, fresh herbs, exotic fruits and vegetables.

Furthermore, GreenTokri uses their own farm fresh produce to make delectable pestos, pickled vegetables, and delicious jams. Their intensely flavorful dressings make eating salads an enjoyable experience. The dressings are available in a variety of flavors to suit every palate.

GreenTokri is dedicated to continuously creating exciting and delicious products to make everyday meals and entertaining healthy, fun, easy and stress free for you. Their products are made with the best quality ingredients and freshly harvested produce from our fields. do not contain any artificial flavors, colors or taste enhancers.

Currently they do offer home delivery once a week to areas in and around Pune. This is to ensure that you, their loyal customers, can get freshest products on a regular basis. It is their constant endeavour to help you discover a healthy lifestyle while eating tasty zesty food.

Furthermore, you will find organic products are also available at many organic stores Pune and Mumbai. To start enjoying the benefits of a healthful living sign up now for Home delivery or pick up organic products from a retail store nearest to you.

3.GORUS – Gorus Organic Farming Association

Gorus Organic Farming Collective delivers fresh vegetables, rice, sprouts, paneer, chutneys and pickles to your doorstep. They recently have begun bok choy, zucchini and lettuce. The convenient online order form comes to your inbox and allows you to order the quantities you need.

Delivery is by area, once a week. Ashwin Paranjpe, who runs the collective, works with farmers in Mulshi taluka and Shirur to teach them sustainable organic farming methods. Ashwin began by cultivating crops on his own plot of land. Evenmore, showing farmers that chemical free methods of farming are possible and fruitful.

4.Sendriya Setu -Eat Organic Stay Healthy

Sendriya Setu Farmers Group has been providing toxin-free, nutritious organic vegetables to customers. They see this as a joint effort of consumers and farmers to protect our soil, our health, as well as our environment.

Because of your enthusiastic response that we have been able to complete five years of service. Eventually, the number of customers requesting home delivery has increased. Moreover, all our customers expect their deliveries on time. Hence, with this plan mind, they have decided to partner with a competent local representative to provide this service.

5.Pride Of Cows – Best Organic And Pure Cow Milk Manufacturers

Pride of Cows milk is instantly pasteurized, chilled and packaged in bottles and sent on its way to consumers, in a process that is mechanised, maintaining absolute purity and keeping the taste and structure of the milk intact. It’s everything that milk should be.

Located on a 26-acre farm in Manchar, Pride of Cows claims that the milk arrives at your doorstep within the first few hours of milking. However, they’re not organically certified, they have mechanised the entire process of milking the Dutch Holstein Friesian cows – from feeding, to milking, pasteurising and bottling. Therefore, their cattle fodder is free from insecticides and pesticides as well.

Priced on the higher side at Rs. 80 a litre, Pride of Cows delivers to your doorstep the day after you fill out their form or write to them on with your order and address details. 

6.ONEST – Organic Veg Fruits & Grains

ONEST is into Organic Food Supply in Pune City furthermore offers tourism options close to nature and untouched beaches in Kokan region.

It is one of the best organic stores in Pune that delivers the most delicious fruits and veggies to the entire Pune. Their primary aim is to bring you and your family healthy organic & natural produce, and to support our local farmers and community. ONEST takes pride in offering quality to the customers. Hence, they will always go above and beyond to make your experience the best possible.

So how it works? All you have to do is register with them.  Register with ONEST by simply sending an email to or What’s App request to 8097796070.

When you register, ONEST will notify your nearest collection point and schedule.  However, you need to come with your shopping bag to pick up your fresh food in the given schedule.

Apart from the above mentioned top 6 Organic stores in Pune. However, there are other Organic suppliers in Pune which includes names like Sunday Harvest Market , Srushti Organic Foods, Pune Organic Farmer’s Market. Farm2Kitchen

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 Organic Stores In Pune

August 07, 2018

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