Ready For Preschool? How To Know Your Toddler Ready For Pre-K

January 22, 2019

Ready For Preschool? How To Know Your Toddler Ready For Pre-K

Is my child ready for preschool ? 

Do you know that from kindergarten to high school, a kid will spend about 11800 hours in the school. That’s just a conservative estimate. But kids needs to study, right?  They’ll all learn to read, write, do math, and name all the states in alphabetic order. They learn about friendships, teamwork, and how to handle homework.

They’ll think about joining some classes, get entrance tests for colleges, will also have their driving license done, and figure out what they want to be when they grow up. One day we’ll be packing up and sending them away to start life on their own. But that day is not today because my toddler is only 3 years old. Just because your neighbor kids have already started going to preschool your kid too. Well, that’s not the correct math here. You are the right person to ask yourself, ” is my kid ready for preschool?” and you’ll know the answer.


What Is A Preschool?

Ready for preschool


Kindergarten is the just another play cum learn cum do other activities class.

That’s the word on the street if you talk to many moms of school-age kids. While your child may technically be the right age to start kindergarten, the increased academic requirements and test pressures have many parents wondering if their kids are really ready for it.

With today’s kindergarten looking very different from the one we remember, how can a parent know if their child is really ready to start kindergarten? 

Is Your Kid Ready For Preschool?

Is your child ready for preschool fitacon


Since preschool begins anywhere from ages 2 to 4, it can be challenging to know when the “right” time is to enroll your child.

Because there’s no one-size-fits-all checklist, we consulted with a handful of experts to help you figure out if your child is ready for preschool.

Some parents worry that their child will get lost in a big classroom or will be seen as small and won’t get picked for sports teams. Others just want their kids to have the best possible start to school by learning and maturing more at home or in a small pre-K setting.

Here are ways to assess your child’s readiness and help you answer that that question.

  • Consider Your Kid’s Maturity & Age

The age at which kids should be when they start kindergarten varies by location, but most schools suggest your child from 2.5 years old to register. Parenting experts say that the parents need to think about their child’s self-esteem when considering whether or not to delay starting kindergarten.

“You have to consider: What will help my child feel successful and be successful?”  Some children are late bloomers, and others suffer from attention disorders. They really do need an extra year to learn to process information. At the end of the day, what’s the big rush?”.

  • Time Away From Parents

Is your child comfortable being apart from you? If so, this is an excellent indicator of preschool readiness. But if your child isn’t ready right now, don’t fret. 

In most cases, children will calm down within 15 minutes of parents leaving. However; experts suggest doing some trial mini-separations and playdates in the month prior to the start of school.

  • Potty Training

Potty training is only one piece of the readiness puzzle, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself. And if you’re struggling with potty training, take comfort in knowing that relief may well be in your near future. 

Often children get motivated to actually become potty trained in school when they see their peers are.

  • Ability To Communicate

Sure, you can probably understand most everything your child says, but can everyone else? Consider how well your little one is able to express his/her needs.

One indication that a child may not yet be ready for preschool is if he is truly struggling to communicate — which would create a frustrating situation for the child, the teacher and the child’s classmates.

Successful communication doesn’t need to be solely verbal, but a child does need to be willing to express his needs and desires to his teacher, for example, tugging on a sleeve to go to the bathroom or pointing to indicate a desired activity or object.

  • Comfort With Routine

If you don’t currently follow a regular routine at home, you may want to consider adopting a version of one to help prepare your child for the transition to preschool.

Preschool programs run with varying schedules, allowing you to pick how many hours and how many days you want your child to attend. Once they get there, your little one can expect a predictable order of events, like circle time, play time, snack time, meal time and naptime.


Signs Your Kid Is Ready For Kindergarten 

  • Your child is probably ready to start kindergarten if he or she:
  • Can spend few hours alone (without parents) with the same age group peers
  • Is able to follow simple directions such as eat, drink, pick, sit etc.
  • Your child should be able to know when they have to go to the bathroom
  • Recognizes some numbers and letters
  • Your child should have some practice jumping and running, throwing a ball and holding a pencil and scissors. Many children will have had the opportunity to practice these skills in pre-school which is okay.
  • Can get along the peers
  • Shows interest in learning 
  • There’s a difference between a child really being ready and a child being more than ready.

Look out for these signs of readiness and consulting with the rest of your child’s support system will help you best decide if your child is ready for kindergarten.


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January 22, 2019

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Ready For Preschool? How To Know Your Toddler Ready For Pre-K

January 22, 2019

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Is my child ready for preschool ? 
Do you know that from kindergarten to high school, a kid will spend about

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