New Diets That You Are Keen To Try? Know Why Trying New Diets Will Never Work

July 24, 2018

New Diets That You Are Keen To Try? Know Why Trying New Diets Will Never Work

The blog’s title itself tempts you to know what’s the inside story… No surprise, I have been in the same shoes like yours reading, grasping this “Trying New DIETS” term what actually means. Frankly speaking, it has been an alien word for me and perhaps for you guys too – because WE ARE UNABLE to understand the correct meaning of “DIET”.

“Our body is precious and means of awakening. It should be treated with care and love” – A famous quote by Buddha.

How many of us have actually, for real have understood our body and treated it accordingly??? Initially we all will answer “Yes I have”  but deep within we all know what’s the truth.

Why trying new diets will never be the answer to your weight loss problem is because you fail to understand your body, its requirements, and for the same reasons you have failed achieving your weight loss goals.

New Diets Are Amazingly Seductive

We always get lured to the promises they make to us, tempting us to fit in smallest jeans size….hahahahaha aaah!! And not to forget promising us that Gucci model beach ready body. That image is just so feel good factor that we immediately start making plans to start planning for our new diets, overconfident in losing .

The real story…. I have been always a plump, healthy looking child which everybody during my childhood days adored. However, days passed the plumpness didn’t go but childhood did. From buying clothes to going to restaurants sarcastic remarks were the only things that welcomed me. Not that I was XXL size, but L size was not acceptable in the culture/society we live.

The Real Story Of Fad Diets

Girls should be XS or S not L sizes well………….I was not fitting into that category. Always struggling to lose weight for many years. I would start over on Monday, swearing off the desserts and sweets and then be knee-deep gallon of desserts by Friday.

If there were diets out there, I tried anything, everything from GM Diet, Paleo, Detoxes, Cleanses, Weight watchers, Atkins and what not…yeah I forgot diet pills as well. I would inevitably end up failing myself each time saying, “next time I will be really sticking to it”.

new diets never work


Not able to complete the diet, because my mind and body refuse to surrender to not-eating-diet list. It not only affected my body but my confidence and my thought process. I started thinking low of myself. Just because I was not able to get through that rigid stupid diet, it hindered my self-confidence questioning my ability to take up the challenges.  That is when I came across several cases of women who were exactly facing problems like me.  And that is when this “so called life awakening” thought struck me.

It’s a very common problem that majority of the women are facing today. Let me save you from the weeks of frustration and share you with the enlightenment it gave me.

Your New Diets Fail 100% Of The Time – Why?

Dieting fails because there is on and off thing that comes with it. I’ll explain you, when you go “on” something, you start at a point of time you have to go “off”, it requires an exit/closing strategy. Obviously, you will lose weight like it suggested, but in months’ time or maybe if you are lucky 2 months’ you are able to maintain the weight but, slowly you are back to square, your weight bounce back. Whoa!!! No one can just sustain on “I am only eating fruits, juices, boiled veggies” diet forever.

Diets are based on strict rules and forbid you from eating certain food items. It doesn’t allow your wants or needs to arise and nourish your body how it should be.  If the rules are to abide by the diet doesn’t allows you to listen to your body. 

Weight loss happens when you listen to your body, because everybody is different and so are their intake requirements.

Dieting Creates The Sense Of Separation Within You

Since dieting requires functioning on rigid rules and regulations, it creates the sense of separation within you.

Your body is no more a living thing but just a “Thing” for you that you are punishing by dieting vigorously. The more you diet, the wider the distance you create between yourself and your body.

Most of us fall prey to the kinds of diet that we often see people doing, celebrities doing – yeah sure but it is important to understand your mindset about the diet you are going to follow. It should not hinder your thought process and your body, rather it should be designed to give you what you are aiming for.

Losing weight will definitely boost your confidence but maintaining that confidence is the real deal

Shifting from one diet to another to get the results you wanted might bring the weight loss results. However, somewhere you are losing that self-compassion towards your body. Dieting is good but only when it is wisely done and not just for the sake of weight loss but to bring your health to “Fit” category.

You cannot do dieting long term.  The success is always measured in days, weeks, months. And this leads to failure because at some point of time you will have to stop dieting and this will be breaking your diet regime.

Dieting Sets You Up Craving For More

So true. Ask anyone who has been vigorously dieting, I bet their answers. It’s a mind game…for instance if you tell a kid that he can’t have a red crayon, what does he immediately want? – The RED CRAYON. The same mentality applies to the dieting. You configure your mind to not to have cakes, pizza, doughnuts, chocolates and what happens next, you start dreaming about those food items and this is how it increases your craving.

Your “never gonna eat” food items are consuming your thoughts all day and you are so sick of fighting that you eventually give up.

It is okay to try new diets, but it is important that you should be mentally as well as physically be in sync with your body. Know the diet tips, and healthy ways to lose weight.

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July 24, 2018

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