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March 29, 2019

Yoga And Women

Just because Yoga is in trend, you should do it – No!! That’s not a valid reason to enhance your wellbeing. Yoga and women’s health is deeply connected. A woman’s body is unique, for it is marked by transitions through puberty, the fertile years, menopause and post-menopause– the “wisdom phase”. When a woman can maintain a balanced and harmonious reproductive system, it leads to greater vitality and radiant wellness.

Should women practice yoga differently from men? How might a woman modify her practice to be in accord with the changes her body undergoes throughout a lifetime?


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Yoga And Women’s Health – Here are some of the reasons why women should practice Yoga

#1 Yoga makes you more flexible

Some people are afraid to try yoga because they think they are not flexible enough. However, did you know that yoga can actually increase your flexibility? For those people who have trouble touching their toes, practicing yoga on a regular basis may gradually help to ease stiff muscles.

#2 Yoga help enhance your posture and appearance

Yoga teaches body awareness and can help you naturally contract core stabilizing muscles and stand taller, so you look more healthy and confident. Good posture can make you look thinner. Also, active, intense styles of yoga can help burn the most calories. Ashtanga, vinyasa and power yoga are examples of the more physical types of yoga.

#3 Yoga improve your mood

Did you know that taking the time to practice yoga poses throughout the day can help improve blood circulation and your mood? Studies have shown that a lack of oxygenated-blood to the brain can have a negative impact on a person’s mood. By stretching, you can increase endorphins and the flow of blood.

Recommended poses include: Fish Pose (Matsyasana), Child’s Pose (Balasana), Inversions, Boat Pose, Balance Poses). For a detailed description of the poses mentioned, clickhere.

#4 Yoga gives you good sleep

Insomnia is an issue that many people face. Lack of sleep can cause disease, illness, stress and more. recommends that practicing ten minutes of the following yoga sequence before bedtime can help your body calm down and prepare for a good night’s sleep.


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#5 Yoga can help women who are going through menopause

Yoga has been proven to help women suffering from menopausal symptoms.

Night sweats – yoga can reduce high blood pressure and generate oxygenation and blood circulation in the body.

Hot flashes – caused by an excess of pitta (the Ayurvedic dosha for “fire”) in the body that needs to be released.

#6 Yoga can benefit pregnant moms

Prenatal Yoga is a great way for pregnant Moms to prepare their mind and body for labor and delivery. Benefits of prenatal yoga and poses include:

  • Fine tune balance due to the increase of estrogen and progesterone
    Yoga Pose: Tree pose
  • Relieve tension of lower back, hips, chest, upper back, neck and shoulders
    Yoga Pose: Goddess Pose
  • Calm the nervous system
    Yoga Pose: Pregnancy Meditation and Resting Savasana
  • Help Preparation for Labor
    Yoga Pose: Cat/Cow Pose
  • Connect with Baby
    Yoga Pose: Chest opener
  • Increase circulation
    Yoga Pose: Standing Flow

#8 Yoga can help women undergoing breast cancer treatment

Research shows that yoga can ease the nausea, fatigue, depression and anxiety symptoms that often accompany breast cancer treatment. Yoga also naturally creates a support group for women who may be going through similar situation.

How To Choose Yoga Style That Works For You 

You’ve decided to try yoga. But now you may be wondering which style and class will work best for you. Yoga classes can vary from gentle to strenuous and challenging. For instance, Hatha yoga is the most common type of yoga practiced.

Finding the right type of yoga begins with figuring out why you want to practice it. “Is it for a sweaty workout? Is it to connect with yourself spiritually, for meditation or gentle stretching?” Once you find the style of yoga that suits you, you can try different studios to experience different teaching styles.

The bottom line is, “It’s important to understand what your searching for and then listen to what resonates in your body.”

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March 29, 2019

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Yoga And Women's Health | A Lifelong Practice To Wellness | Learn Yoga

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Just because Yoga is in trend, you should do it – No!! That’s not a valid reason to enhance your

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